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1. Levender, PaulThe Organ Music of Dietrich Buxtehude: Compiling an Accurate Edition and Looking at Interrelationships Between Bach and Buxtehude. diss. 1991
2. Zweimüller, MaximilianStudien zu Tempo, Akzent und Artikulation in den sechs Tiosonaten für Orgel von J. S. Bach. diss. 1991
3. Norrback, JohanJ. S. Bachs preludium i h-moll, BWV 544 -- En analys. diss. 1991
4. Knox, Robert ErskineAeolus Appeased: A Modern Scenographic Concept. diss. 1991
5. Johnson, Margaret LouiseKnowledge formalization and representation of the dynamics of expressive musical performance. diss. 1991
6. Warde, Louis Charles'Meditations on the 'Crucifixus'': Score and Analysis (Original Composition). diss. 1991 102p
7. Lundell, ChristopherThe three organ concerti of J.C. Bach: Commentary and a performing edition. diss. 1991 105p
8. Katz, SoniaUm estudo sobre os aspectos tecnicos e interpretativos da terceira partita para violino solo de Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1991 130p
9. Paolini, PaoloIl 'Catone in Utica' di Johann Christian Bach: edizione critica, inquadramento storico ed analisi. diss. 1991 155, 263p
10. Morris, Ralph EugeneA performance edition of Bach's violoncello suites, transcribed for viola. diss. 1991 160p
11. Grobler, Magrietha Magdalena SophiaDie Instrumentasie in die Kerkkantates van J.S. Bach. diss. 1991 203p
12. Dykema, Dan HaroldCarl Philipp Emanuel Bach's concerto in C, W.43, no. 6: A discussion and performance edition. diss. 1991 265p
13. Esch, ChristianLucio Silla: Vier Opera-seria-Vertonungen aus der Zeit zwischen 1770 und 1780. diss. 1991 362, 155p
14. Ellsworth, Therese MarieThe piano concerto in London concert life between 1801 and 1850. diss. 1991 383p
15. Baird, Julianne CharlotteJohann Friedrich Agricola's Anleitung zur Singkunst (1757): A translation and commentary. diss. 1991 528p
16. Schuch, AndreasDie Chromatik im Wohltemperierten Klavier von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1991 68p
17. Pruett, Jeffrey MarkJ. S. Bach's Chaconne in D Minor: an Examination of Three Arrangements for Piano Solo. diss. 1991 89p
18. Pruett, James W.J. S. Bach's chaconne in D minor: An examination of three arrangements for piano solo. diss. 1991 89p
19. Lemons, Christopher HoytThe keyboard concertos of Georg Matthias Monn. diss. 1991 924p
20. Tseng, Tai-chunSome stylistic observations of Vivaldi's violin concerti opus 3. diss. 1991 93p
21. Burns, Lori AnneJ. S. Bach's Chorale Harmonizations of Modal Cantus Firmi. diss. 1991 ix, 350 Bl
22. Marissen, Michael AnthonyScoring, Structure, and Signification in J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. diss. 1991 vii, 251p
23. Krampe, Ralf ThomasMaintaining excellence: Cognitive-motor performance in pianists differing in age and skill level. diss. 1991 xxii, 198p

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