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1. Huron, DavidVoice segregation in selected polyphonic keyboard works by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1989
2. Giuffrida, AntonioPassio secundum Marcum di J.S. Bach. diss. 1989-90 139p
3. Skarina, ElenaSvobodnye formy barokko v instrumental'noj muzyke I.S. Baha: K metodologii istoriko-stilevogo analiza svobodnyh kompozicij. diss. 1989 23p
4. Sabourin, CarmenA Schenkerian study of J.S. Bach's two-part inventions presented in their original ordering. diss. 1989 244p
5. Chay, Il-SooA stylistic and interpretive analysis of selected keyboard works of C.P.E. Bach. diss. 1989 248p
6. Clement, Albert'O Jesu, du edle Gabe'. Studien zum Verhältnis von Text und Musik in den Choralpartiten und den Kanonischen Veränderungen von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1989 282p
7. Schaffer, Mark AndrewThe use of variation principle in the works of Max Reger. diss. 1989 294p
8. Fuchs, TorstenStudien zur Musikpflege in der Stadt Weissenfels und am Hofe der Herzoge von Sachsen-Weissenfels: Ein Beitrag zur mitteldeutschen Musikgeschichte des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. diss. 1989 400p
9. Kruger, DaleenThe Organ Music of the Galant Period With Special Reference to the Compositions of the Bach Pupils. diss. 1989 416p
10. Cowdery, William WarrenThe early vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Studies in style, scoring, and chronology. diss. 1989 ii, 319p
11. Melamed, Daniel RichardJ. S. Bach and the German motet. diss. 1989 x, 333 Bl
12. Rapson, PenelopeA Technique for Identifying Textual Errors and its Application to the Sources of Music by Thomas Tallis. diss. 1989 x, 368; vi, 219p

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