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1. Wilson, Joyce AnneThe Johann Sebastian Bach Ouvertüre in B Minor (BWV 1067): Studies in Genre, Style, and Chronology. diss. 1983
2. Spence-Thomas, KarenJ. S. Bach's Partita no. 3 in E major, BWV 1006: an analysis. diss. 1983
3. Higuchi, MitsuharuHeikinritsu Klavier Kyokushu, Dai-1-Kan no Fuga ni okeru Seikaku Shudai to Gakkyoku Kozo. diss. 1983 160p
4. Smith, Mark MervynCertain aspects of Baroque music for violoncello as finally exemplified in the suites for unaccompanied violoncello by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1983 187p
5. Tishkoff, Doris PatriciaSensibility in the eighteenth century as seen in the fantasias from the Für Kenner und Liebhaber of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. diss. 1983 193p
6. Magrill, Samuel MorseThe principle of variation: a study in the selection of differences with examples from Dallapiccola, J.S. Bach, and Brahms. diss. 1983 253p
7. Miron, Ruth HannahA stylistic and structural analysis of representative keyboard suites of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1983 266p
8. Rudloff, HelmuthBeiträge zur Geschichte der Bach-Renaissance in Deutschland (1750-1850). diss. 1983 338p
9. Wendt, MatthiasDie Trios der Brüder Johann Gottlieb und Carl Heinrich Graun. diss. 1983 340p
10. Buttmann, RudolfDie Lautenkompositionen von Silvius Leopold Weiss und Johann Sebastian Bach. Ein Vergleich. diss. 1983 70p
11. Fox, Pamela MollardMelodic Nonconstancy in the Keyboard Sonatas of C. P. E. Bach. diss. 1983 vi, 299p
12. Wright, Barbara DavidJohann Sebastian Bach's Matthäus-Passion: a Performance History 1829-1854. diss. 1983 viii, 458p
13. Bingham, Davis BlairThe Solo Cantatas for Bass Voice by J. S. Bach: Analyses for Performance. diss. 1983 x, 104p

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