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1. Owens, William StevenA solo woodwind transcription of J. S. Bach's 'Concerto No 4' BWV 1055. diss. 1980
2. Molkhou, ManuelLes audaces harmoniques dans l'oeuvre de clavier de Jean-Sébastian Bach. diss. 1980 104p
3. Schreiner, FrederickAn analytical Study for the Performance of Cantata No.55 and Cantata No.160 by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1980 118p
4. Smith, Charles Justice, IIIPatterns and strategies: four perspectives of musical characterization. diss. 1980 130p
5. Umstaedt, Monica JohannaThe Early Organ Preludes, Fugues, Toccatas and Fantasias of Johann Sebastian Bach as a Culmination of Italian and German Organ Literature of the 15th to 17th Centuries. diss. 1980 177p
6. Rjazanova, Nina P.Organnye choral'nye obrabotki I. S. Bach. Ih kompozicionno-strukturnye osobennosti. diss. 1980 178p
7. Širokova, ValentinaO pretvorenii zakonomernostej vokal'nogo i reèevogo intonirovanija v instrumental'nom tematisme (na materiale muzyki Bacha). diss. 1980 180p
8. Hawthorne, Walter WilliamsJ. S. Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias: an Analysis. diss. 1980 197p
9. Leckie, Thomas ConleyA Comparison of Thematic and Episodic Analyses of the Bach two-part Inventions. diss. 1980 212p
10. Seymen, ClaudeEsthétique de la musique. Musique baroque. Cantates de Jean-Sébastien Bach. diss. 1980 231p
11. Ide, YumikoA structural and stylistic analysis of selected inventions and sinfonias of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1980 257p
12. Schiffner, MarkusZu Johann Sebastian Bachs Klavierübung (Teil I-III): Ordnungsprinzipien und zyklische Gestaltungskonzeption. diss. 1980 261, 14p
13. Richter, Klaus PeterOrgelchoral und instrumentaler Ensemblesatz: Studien zu Choralbearbeitungen von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1980 262p
14. Sip, SergejPrincip simmetrii v muzyke i ego projavlenie v narodnom napeve. diss. 1980 26p
15. Simon, Carl GeoffreyMusical Iconography in the Sacred Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach diss. 1980 278p
16. Schweizer, ChristopheLe rapport du texte et de la musique dans la 'Passion selon Saint-Matthieu' de J.-S. Bach. diss. 1980 303p
17. Jaskulsky, HansDie lateinischen Messen Franz Schuberts. diss. 1980 340p
18. Dreyfus, Laurence DanaBasso Continuo Practice in the Vocal Works of J. S. Bach: A study of the Original Performance Parts. diss. 1980 341p
19. Lauderdale-Hinds, Lynne AllisonFour organ chorale preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) as realized for the piano by Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924): a comparative analysis of the piano transcriptions and the original works for organ. diss. 1980 44p
20. Ellis, MarkLinear aspects of the fugues of J. S. Bach's 'The Well-tempered Clavier'. A Quantitative Survey. diss. 1980 594p
21. Nikolai, Monica DagmarJ.C.F. Bach's clavier concertos. diss. 1980 622p
22. Hopkins, Edwina PatriciaThe Use of Pedal in J. S. Bach's French Suites, English Suites, and Partitas: a General Guide to Pedalling in the Keyboard Music. diss. 1980 86p
23. Sircy, Virginia RiceA comparison of selected Liszt and Schumann piano transcriptions of the Paganini violin caprices: a lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works of Brahms, Mozart, J. S. Bach, von Weber, Dukas, Schoenberg, Rachmaninov and others. diss. 1980 x, 62p

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