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1. Uhl, Danny JohnArticulation in the Performance of the Subjects of J. S. Bach's Organ fugues: a Study of Melody and Rhythm. diss. 1979
2. Higuchi, RyuichiJohann Sebastian Bachs Kirchenkantaten zu Trauerfeiern und zu anderen nicht an das Kirchenjahr gebundenen Bestimmungen. Edition und kritischer Bericht. diss. 1979
3. Wicker, VernonSolo Cantatas for Bass by Christoph Graupner. diss. 1979
4. Smith, Mark MervynThe violoncello with special reference to Bach's 6 suites for violincello unaccompanied. diss. 1979-80
5. Schultz, John AhernThe soli-tutti concept in the choral works of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1979 161p
6. Asmus, JürgenDie langsamen Sätze der Sonaten für Violine und obligates Cembalo (BWV 1014-1019): Ein Beitrag zur Sonatenkonzeption J. S. Bachs. diss. 1979 172p, 12p
7. Thomas, Robert JayThe Preludes and fugues, opus 87 of Dmitri Shostakovich. diss. 1979 212p
8. Eder, Terry EdwardA conductor's guide to the performance of cantata no 21, 'Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis', by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1979 247p
9. Szeskus, ReinhardDie musikalische Thematik in den Choralkantaten Johann Sebastian Bachs: Quellen, Gestalt und Entwicklung; eine stilkritische Studie. diss. 1979 250p
10. Fjerstad, Helen LuvaasA chronology of J. S. Bach's organ fugues by external and stylistic evidence. diss. 1979 258p
11. Sherwood, Anne KathrynTwo Keyboard Sonatas of Johann Christian Bach and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: A Historical Perspective. diss. 1979 35p
12. Wade, Rachel W.The Keyboard Concertos of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sources and Style. diss. 1979 511p
13. Ward, Lois JanetteA Bassoon Performance Edition of Three Suites for Violincello [sic] Solo (BWV 1007-1009) by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1979 iv, 75p
14. Schwarze, Penny S.Bach's cantata movements borrowed from his instrumental works. diss. 1979 xi, 174p
15. Todd, Ralph LarryThe Instrumental Music of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Selected Studies based on Primary Sources. diss. 1979 xii, 544p

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