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1. Kianto, MerviBach-tulkinta tyylin ja tradition valossa: J. S. Bachin Das Wohltemperierte Klavier II:n preludien ja fuugien n:o 17-24 pianotulkintojen vertailua. diss. 1977
2. Meffen, JohnThe Temperament of Keyboard Instruments in England from the Virginalists to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. diss. 1977
3. Häcker, WernerErbeadaption im Sozialismus. Das B-A-C-H-Motiv im Musikschaffen der DDR. diss. 1977 102p
4. Matthews, JosephBusoni's contributions to piano pedagogy. diss. 1977 120p
5. Domizlaff, IlseSammeln, Ordnen, Vermitteln - die 1972 neu konzipierte Gestaltung und Arbeitsweise des Bachhauses Eisenach. diss. 1977 127p
6. Schulze, Hans-JoachimStudien zur Bach-Überlieferung im 18. Jahrhundert. diss. 1977 180p
7. Denton, John WilliamThe Use of Oboes in the Church Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1977 214p
8. Seaton, Stuart DouglassA Study of a Collection of Mendelssohn's Sketches and Other Autograph Material: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Mus. Ms. Autogr. Mendelssohn 19. diss. 1977 256p
9. Magee, Noel HowardAnton Reicha as theorist. diss. 1977 276p
10. Butir, L. M.Instrumental'nyi koncert v tvorèestve I. S. Bacha. diss. 1977 27p
11. Moroni, FedericoIl settecento clavicembalistico italiano e suoi rapporti con il movimento musicale europeo. diss. 1977 283p
12. Davis, William JerrylA study of the solo and chamber literature for the oboe d'amore from 1720-c.1760 with modern performance editions of select unpublished works. diss. 1977 290p
13. Kirk, Elise KuhlThe chamber music of Charles Koechlin (1867-1950). diss. 1977 411p
14. Curtis, Robert LeeLudwig Bischoff: a mid-nineteenth-century music critic. diss. 1977 442p
15. Towndrow, Sharon LouiseThe melodic minor scale in selected works of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1977 50p
16. Urban, Darrell EugeneStromenti da tirarsi in the Cantatas of J. S. Bach. I: The Tromba da tirarsi. II: The Corno da tirarsi. diss. 1977 643p
17. Kolczynski, Charlotte AnnThe eighteenth-century transverse flute: literature, structure and performance practices. diss. 1977 93p
18. Brandes, Jeffrey HaroldThe Organ as an Ensemble Instrument: Concerto Techniques in the Sinfonia of Cantata BWV 169 by Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto for Organ and Chamber Orchestra, op.46, No.2, by Paul Hindemith, and Organ Concerto in G minor by Francis Poulenc. diss. 1977 94p
19. Keahey, Delores JerdeThe Genoa Manuscripts: Recently Rediscovered Trios of Johann Christian Bach. diss. 1977 xvii, 602p
20. Hays, E. L.F. W. Marpurg's 'Anleitung zum Clavierspielen' (Berlin, 1755) and 'Principes du clavecin' (Berlin, 1756): translation and commentary. diss. 1977 xviii, 309; vi, 351p

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