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1. Velten, KlausSchönbergs Instrumentationen Bachscher und Brahmscher Werke als Dokumente seines Traditionsverständnisses. diss. 1976
2. Lorenzen, JohannesMax Reger als Bach-Bearbeiter. diss. 1976
3. Marais, BerneseThe ternary sonata principle from 1731 to 1765: C. P. E. Bach. diss. 1976
4. Bailey, Louis LeeThe Sacred Vocal Duets of Heinrich Schütz and Johann Sebastian Bach: an Introduction and an Annotated Listing. diss. 1976 110p
5. Bauret, GabrielDe la lecture de la partition à l'écoute de l'interprétation, essai de description de 'l'Art de fugue' de J.-S. Bach. diss. 1976 159p
6. Norton, Michael LeeThe sacred song arrangements of C.P.E. Bach. diss. 1976 172p
7. Holborn, Hans LudwigBach and Pietism: The Relationship of the Church Music of Johann Sebastian Bach to Eighteenth-Century Lutheran Orthodoxy and Pietism with Special Reference to the 'Saint Matthew Passion'. diss. 1976 180p
8. Baird, Julianne CharlotteThe vocal serenata of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. diss. 1976 204p
9. Thiedt, CatherineThe idiomatic character of Romantic keyboard composition: a comparison of selected piano and organ works of Franz Liszt and a study of differentiation in their styles. diss. 1976 218p
10. Chiba, JunnosukeJuhachi-Seiki Deutsch no Ensoron Kenkyu - J.J. Quantz, E. Bach, Leopold Mozart no Chosho no Hikaku Kento. diss. 1976 220p
11. Krejnina, JulijaMaks Reger kak javlenie nemeckoj muzykal'noj kul'tury. diss. 1976 24p
12. Antonian, Robert EdwardJohann Sebastian Bach's Magnificat in D, BWV 243: a conductor's analysis and preparation for performance. diss. 1976 275p
13. Heinrich, Adel VernaBach's 'Die Kunst der Fuge': a Living Compendium of Fugal Procedures. diss. 1976 371p
14. Morrongiello, Lydia AnneMusic Symbolism in selected cantatas and chorale preludes of J. S. Bach. diss. 1976 433p
15. Eichberg, HartwigUnechtes unter J. S. Bachs Klavierwerken. diss. 1976 43p
16. Fenley, John FranklinThe Ornamentation in Seven Flute Sonatas Composed by, or Attributed to, J. S. Bach. diss. 1976 477p
17. Henkel, HubertBeiträge zum historischen Cembalobau. diss. 1976 628p
18. Cook, Larry D.The German troped polyphonic Magnificat. diss. 1976 685p
19. Yoshida, MiwakoC.P.E. Bach no Klavier Konzert Wq.43 no gakufu kotei. diss. 1976 75p
20. La Fontaine, Michael deDer Begriff der kunstlerischen Erfahrung bei Theodor W. Adorno. diss. 1976 iii, 132p

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