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1. Hanson, J.An Operational approach to a theory of rhythm. diss. 1969
2. Ray, Martha Elizabeth ParkA study of the German church cantata exclusive of Bach, 1650-1750. diss. 1969
3. Riedel, Herbot HugoRecognition and Re-cognition: Bach and The Well-tempered Clavier I. diss. 1969
4. Mulbury, DavidA collection of organ music by pupils of J. S. Bach. diss. 1969 102, 89p
5. Rixman, Eunice ElizabethThe sacred cantata God hath awakened the Lord, by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, in relation to its performance. diss. 1969 103, 50 p
6. Flothuis, MariusMozarts Bearbeitungen eigener und fremder Werke. diss. 1969 104p
7. Bradley, Alan LouisA modern performing edition for clarinet and piano of five selected Baroque sonatas with a study of performance practice and descriptive commentary of the sonatas. diss. 1969 105p
8. Harriss, Ernest CharlesJohann Mattheson's 'Der vollkommene Capellmeister': a translation and commentary. diss. 1969 1586p
9. Williams, Janet LeslieAn Analytical Study of Three Flute Sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1969 169p
10. Foster, Walter CharlesJ. S. Bach's musical treatment of negative text passages. diss. 1969 245p
11. Wagner, GüntherFranz Lachner als Liederkomponist, nebst einem biographischen Teil und dem thematischen Verzeichnis sämtlicher Lieder. diss. 1969 313p
12. Majskij, V. L.Osobenosti golosovedenija J. S. Bacha. diss. 1969 315p
13. Warburton, ErnestA Study of Johann Christian Bach's Operas. diss. 1969 324, 390 Bl
14. McKinney, James CarrollThe solo bass voice in the cantatas of J. S. Bach. diss. 1969 330p
15. Hill, Vernon Willard, Jr.The B Minor Mass by Johann Sebastian Bach: A study in Reformed Catholic thought. diss. 1969 363p
16. Byrt, John ClareForm and style in the works of Sebastian and Emanuel Bach. diss. 1969 380, 201 Bl
17. Vos, Marie Ann HeibergThe Liturgical Choral Works of Johann Christian Bach. diss. 1969 iii, 744p
18. Frum, BernardThe dramatic-dualistic style element in keyboard music published before 1750. diss. 1969 v, 266p
19. Mekota, Beth AnnaThe Solo and Ensemble Keyboard Works of Johann Christian Bach. diss. 1969 vi, 309p
20. Dykstra, Brian JamesThe Interpretation of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book One: A Study in Diversity. diss. 1969 xiii, 487p

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