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1. Mason, Christine M.Ritornello form in movements for chorus and orchestra by J. S. Bach. diss. 1967-68
2. Constantini, Franz-PeterDie Entwicklung der Versettenkomposition vom ausgehenden Mittelbarock bis zum Rokoko. diss. 1967
3. Tessmer, ManfredJohann Sebastian Bach: Dritter Teil der Clavierübung. I. Kritischer Bericht. 2. Notenband. diss. 1967
4. Zander, FerdinandDie Dichter der Kantatentexte Johann Sebastian Bachs. Untersuchung zu ihrer Bestimmung. diss. 1967 113p
5. Igoe, James ThomasJ. S. Bach's transcriptions for solo keyboard. diss. 1967 200p
6. Boldt, Kenwyn GuyThe solo clavier Sonatas attributed to J. S. Bach. diss. 1967 32p
7. Broyles, Michael EverettTextural Interpretations in the chorale Harmonizations of J. S. Bach. diss. 1967 471p
8. Kidd, Ronald R.The sonata for keyboard with violin accompaniment in England (1750-1790). diss. 1967 534p
9. Macomber, Frank S.Bach's re-use of his own music: a study in transcription. diss. 1967 660p
10. Jenne, Natalie R.Certain problems of rhythm and articulation in the performance of J. S. Bach's harpsichord music. diss. 1967 68p
11. Burk, James MackBand transcriptions of the organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1967 78p
12. Bower, C. M.Boethius 'The Principlies of Music', an Introduction, Translation and Commentary. diss. 1967 93-95
13. Schmitz, EberhardDie Messen Johann David Heinichens. diss. 1967 vii, 321p

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