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1. Woodworth, G. WallaceThe Performance of Bach: An Example of the Relation between Research and Practical Music-Making. PapersAMSoc 1937 120-132
2. Hill, Richard SynyerThe Plate Numbers of C. F. Peters Predecessors. PapersAMSoc 1938 1940 113-134
3. Kendall, RaymondBrahms' Knowledge of Bach's Music. PapersAMSoc 1941 1946 50-56
4. Pessl, YellaFrench Patterns and their Reading in Bach's Secular Clavier Music. PapersAMSoc 1941 1946 8-20
5. Snyder, Kerala J.From Account Books to Performances: Buxtehude at the Marienkirche in Lübeck. PapersAMSoc 47 1981 52
6. Hanson, Alice M. (ed.)Abstracts of Papers Read at the Forty-seventh Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society. PapersAMSoc 47 1981 74p
7. Holoman, D. Kern (ed.)Abstracts of Papers Read at the Forty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society Meeting Jointly with the Society for Music Theory: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, November 4-7, 1982. PapersAMSoc 48 1982
8. Stinson, RussellBach's Earliest Autograph. PapersAMSoc 48 1982

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