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1. Saffle, MichaelCzerny and the keyboard fantasy: Traditions, innovations, legacy. EastmanStudM 53 2008 202-228
2. Gramit, David (ed.)Beyond The art of finger dexterity: Reassessing Carl Czerny. EastmanStudM 53 2008 xiii, 280p
3. Vial, Stephanie D.The Art of Musical Phrasing in the Eighteenth Century. Punctuating the Classical 'Period'. EastmanStudM 55 2008 xvi, 358p
4. Kerman, JosephFugue and its discontents. EastmanStudM 58 2008 5-13
5. Schulenberg, DavidFugues, form, and fingering: Sonata style in Bach's preludes and fugues. EastmanStudM 58 2008 14-23
6. Curry, Robert; Gable, David; Marshall, Robert L. (eds.)Variations on the canon: Essays on music from Bach to Boulez in honor of Charles Rosen on his eightieth birthday. EastmanStudM 58 2008 x, 375p

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