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1. Smither, Howard E.Historicism in nineteenth-century German oratorio. DetroitMMcol 28 2000 263-276
2. Cash, Alice H.Wanda Landowska and the revival of the harpsichord. DetroitMMcol 28 2000 277-284
3. Parisi, Susan (ed.)Music in the theater, church, and villa: Essays in honor of Robert Lamar Weaver and Norma Wright Weaver. DetroitMMcol 28 2000 xx, 327p
4. Ogasapian, John K.The cantor/capellmeister issue in Bach scholarship: Blume's 'outlines' revisited. DetroitMMcol 29 2000 83-91
5. Daverio, John; Ogasapian, John K. (eds.)The varieties of musicology: Essays in honor of Murray Lefkowitz. DetroitMMcol 29 2000 xiv, 194p
6. Stevens, Jane R.The Bach Family and The Keyboard Concerto: The Evolution of a Genre. DetroitMMcol 31 2001 xviii, 269p
7. Geiringer, KarlEmanuel Bach and the music of the Viennese classical triad. DetroitMMcol 35 2002 195-202
8. Freeman, Robert N. (ed.)Joseph Haydn and the Eighteenth Century. Collected Essays of Karl Geiringer. DetroitMMcol 35 2002 xxiv, 259p
9. Van Deusen, NancyBaroque spectacles and the tradition of the turba. DetroitMMcol 42 2004 489-510
10. Reardon, Colleen; Parisi, Susan Helen (eds.)Music observed: studies in memory of William C. Holmes. DetroitMMcol 42 2004 xxi, 547p
11. Schulenberg, DavidCrossing the Rhine with Froberger: Suites, symbols, and seventeenth-century musical autobiography. DetroitMMcol 55 2010 271-302
12. Gibson, JonathanHearing the Viola da Gamba in 'Komm, süsses Kreuz'. DetroitMMcol 55 2010 419-450
13. Fontijn, Claire; Parisi, Susan (eds.)Fiori musicali: Liber amicorum Alexander Silbiger. DetroitMMcol 55 2010 xv, 595p

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