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1. Cohen, DaliaComplexity and Flexibility Combined with a Directional Superstructure in the Instrumental Opening of 'Erbarme dich'. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
2. Melamed, Daniel R.Scoring, text and genre in 'Nun ist der Herr zu Ruh gebracht' BWV 244/67. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
3. Spitzer, MichaelEnough is Never Enough: Figurality in 'Es ist vollbracht'. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
4. Smith, Timothy A.Fugues without Words: a hearing of four fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier as passion music. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
5. Smaill, PeterSterben ist mein Gewinn: A consideration of the significance of word/number symbolism relating to the Chorale, 'Ich Hab' mein' Sach' Gott Heimgestellt' BWV 1113 and other early works of J S Bach, and their relation to the apocryphal 'Lukas-Passion' BWV 246/Anh. II.30. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
6. Golomb, UriHierarchies and continuities in televised productions of Bach's Passions. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
7. Butt, JohnBetween rhetoric and dialectic - Bach's inventive stance in the Passions. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
8. Dreyfus, LaurenceBachian Poetics in the St John Passion. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009
9. Varwig, BettinaTime and Rhetoric in Bach's St Matthew Passion. [p]SMA_Glasgow Apr 2009

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