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1. Petzoldt, MartinBach as Cantor of St. Thomas in Leipzig. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
2. Schulze, Hans-JoachimBibeltext und musikalische Form. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
3. Richter, MatthiasTheological Investigations of Four Bach Cantatas. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
4. Leisinger, UlrichPossibilities and Restraints of a Representation of the Affects in Bach's Chorale Cantatas. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
5. Chafe, Eric T.The Phrygian Mode in the Chorale Cantatas. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
6. Walter, MeinradInterpretation der Kantate BWV 97 zu Flemings (im Wortlaut nicht umgedichten) Lied: 'In allen meinen Taten'. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
7. Scheide, William H.Some Suggestions on Jahrgang II. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
8. Steiger, Johann AnselmPietas orthodxa mystica,' Johann Gerhard's Meditative Mysticism. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
9. Snyder, Kerala J.Chorale Settings in Buxtehude's Vocal Works. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
10. Leaver, Robin A.'Christ lag in Todesbanden' (BWV 4): Hymnology and Chronology. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
11. Thyssen, PeterSome Theological Observations on the Opening Choruses of Bach's Chorale Cantatas. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
12. Konrad, UlrichAspects of a Musical and Theological Understanding of Mariane von Zeigler's and Johann Sebastian Bach's Cantata 'Bisher habt ihr nichtsgebeten in meinen Namen' BWV 87. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
13. Marissen, MichaelThe Redemptive Interpretation of Matthew 27: 25 in Bach's St. Matthew Passion. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
14. Franklin, Don O.The 6/4 Time-signature as Sign and Symbol. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
15. Vinzent, Markus'Church Music and Opera speak with one voice': on Erdmann Neumeister's 'Kunst-Revolution'. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
16. Steiger, RenateSymbol and Musical Inventio: Biblical and Emblematic Imagery in the Vocal Works of Johann Sebastian Bach [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
17. Bangert, Mark P.Contemporary Contextualizing of the Cantatas for the Annunciation: Problems and Prospects. [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997

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