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1. Peters, Mark A.German Magnificat and Chorale Cantata: J. S. Bach's Meine Seel erhebt den Herren (BWV 10). [p]FMCS_NotreDame Feb 2009
2. Rathey, MarkusBach, Schelle and the Tradition of the Chorale Cantata in Leipzig. [p]FMCS_NotreDame Feb 2009
3. Taylor, NikA Meditation on Peter's Denial in J. S. Bach's Passions. [p]FMCS_NotreDame Feb 2009
4. Rumrill, PaulBach's Keyboard Approaches Reinterpreted in Beethoven's Late Sonatas in the New Age of Progress. [p]FMCS_NotreDame Feb 2009
5. Bartel, DietrichAndreas Werckmeister's Final Tuning: A Theological-Speculative Path to Equal Temperament. [p]FMCS_NotreDame Feb 2009

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