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1. HaCohen, RuthThe Dramaturgy of Religious Emotions in Bach's Cantatas: Aristotelian Processes in Neo-Platonic Frames. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
2. Paczkowski, SzymonThe Sound-Coded Politics: on the Cantata Tönet, ihr Pauken BWV 214 by Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
3. Steinitz, Margaret'Ways to Bach'. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
4. Maul, MichaelCould the Thomaskantor Bach have been Allowed to Compose an Opera? [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
5. Wolff, ChristophUnder the Spell of Opera? - Bach's Oratorio Trilogy of 1734-35. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
6. Scheitler, IrmgardPassion and Drama in German Literature. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
7. Gardiner, John EliotBach and the Spirit of Music Drama. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
8. Shabalina, Tatiana [Shabalina, Tat'jana]Recent Discoveries in St. Petersburg and their Meaning for Understanding Bach. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
9. Smaill, PeterTheological inferences drawn from Bach's cantata texts. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
10. Mincham, JulianThe 'hybrid' recitatives of JS Bach. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
11. Schwalbach, BurkhardMusical Drama in the Coffee Garden: Nature, Mythology and Morality in J.S. Bach's Secular Cantatas. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009
12. Tatlow, RuthButtstett-Mattheson dispute and its implication for Bach Studies. [p]BNUK_Oxford Jan 2009

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