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1. Wollny, PeterThoughts on the Future of Bach Research. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
2. Bärwald, ManuelItalian Opera Performances in Bach's Leipzig: New Sources and Perspectives of Research. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
3. Kenyon, NicholasBach in the 21st Century. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
4. Elferen, Isabella vanThe Gothic Bach: Film, TV, Subculture ... and Liturgy. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
5. Higgins, PaulaBach and the Summer of Love. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
6. Tatlow, RuthDiscovering New and Recovering Old Methods for Bach Studies. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
7. Heller, WendyMary Sings: searching for the Feminine in Bach's World. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
8. Paczkowski, SzymonBach and Chopin. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
9. Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovaèeviæ, ]Joseph Proksch and his Role in Czech Bach Reception. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
10. Burrows, DonaldThe Balfour Handel Collection. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
11. Strohm, ReinhardMichael Weisse transmitting Medieval Songs to Bach. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
12. Ledbetter, DavidImprovisation, Da Capos and Palindromes in BWV 997 and 998. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
13. Tomita, YoThe Implications of Bach's Introduction of New Fugal Techniques and Procedures in the Well-Tempered Clavier Book Two. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011
14. Maul, MichaelArchival Studies – a Never-ending Story of Bach Scholarship. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh Aug 2011

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