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1. Paczkowski, SzymonA Polonaise duet, composed for a merchant, a professor and a king. On the Cantatas BWV 205, 205a, 216 and 216a by Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
2. Peters, Mark A.Aria Forms and Scorings in J. S. Bach's Cantatas to Texts by Mariane von Ziegler. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
3. Strohm, ReinhardMetaphor and transcendence: the 'other meanings' of the B Minor Mass. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
4. Tatlow, RuthThe Use and Abuse of Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section in Baroque Music. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
5. Terefenko, DariuszKeyboard Pedagogy in the Baroque Period-Improvising Partimento Fugues. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
6. Tomita, YoReconstructing Bach's conjugal conversation. Re-assessing the contribution and the musicological value of the work of Anna Magdalena Bach. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
7. Lutterman, John'Cet art est la perfection du talent': Improvised Solo Performance, the Accompaniment of Recitative, and Chordal Thoroughbass Realization on the Viol and Cello [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
8. Hill, AndrewProvisional Conclusions from a Study of J.S. Bach's Lute Transcriptions of his 5th Suite for Unaccompanied Violoncello. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
9. Ledbetter, DavidA Question of Genre: J.S. Bach and the 'mixed style'. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
10. Baron, Carol K.Rethinking Music History and Biography in Early Modern Germany: Interactions and Discrepancies between German Political Historiography and German Music History. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
11. Erhardt, TassiloKing David and 'God-pleasing Church Music'. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
12. Leaver, Robin A.Concio et Cantio: the Counterpoint of Theology and Music in Lutheran Perceptions from Praetorius to Bach. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
13. Swack, JeanneAnti-Judaism and the Lutheran Cantata: the Cantatas for Judica Sunday of Georg Philipp Telemann. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
14. Kennaway, GeorgeNineteenth Century Editions of Bach's Suites for Solo Violoncello. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
15. Oleskiewicz, MaryRewriting the Recent Past: Icons, Anecdotes, and the Music of Eighteenth-Century Berlin. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
16. Leahy, AnneNun komm der Heiden Heiland: settings by the seventeenth-century predecessors of J.S. Bach. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
17. Gibson, JonathanHearing the Viola da Gamba in 'Komm, süsses Kreuz'. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
18. Kyprianides, ChristineWhat's Wrong with this Picture? Confronting the Obvious in the Bach Cello Suites. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
19. Noh, OhranThe Tactus in the Context of Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's Aria mit verschiedene Veränderungen (Goldberg Variations), BWV 988: The Affektenlehre in Glenn Gould's Recording of 1981. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006

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