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1. Medlam, CharlesApproaches to the Bach Violoncello Suites. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
2. Stinson, RussellBach and the Varied Stollen. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
3. Rose, StephenThe Latin Magnificat in Leipzig before Bach. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
4. McCormick, SusanJohann Christian Kittel's newly rediscovered Choralbuch: its significance in our understanding of the chorale tradition. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
5. Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovačević]A new source of Bach's Violin Solos from Prague and its implication for the work's reception history. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
6. Johansen, Lars HenrikNorwegian 18th Century Church Singing - a source for understanding the performance of J. S. Bach's chorales. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
7. Lutterman, JohnJakob Adlung on Fantasieren: Further Evidence of a Bach Family Tradition in Jena. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
8. Gontar, ChristopherPost-Baroque Classicism and Bach Fugue. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
9. Tatlow, RuthNarratives of Number in the Neumeister Chorales. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
10. Tomita, YoVeiled aspects of Bach Reception in the 19th century exposed through a macro-level examination of prints. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
11. Leaver, Robin A.The Organist Encounters the Hymnologist: J. S. Bach and J. C. Olearius in Arnstadt. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
12. Alevizos, KonstantinosThe rhythmic segments in the Cp. iv in the Art of Fugue of Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
13. Molinaro, LawrenceScaffolding instruction on improvisation – training organists within the Bach circle and beyond. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
14. Heller, Wendy'Aus eigener Erfahrung redet': Bach, Luther, and Mary's Voice in the Magnificat BWV 243. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
15. Lundberg, MattiasThe musical and liturgical contexts of Bach’s Cantata 10. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
16. Smaill, PeterEvery Silver Lining has a Cloud: Bach and the share registers of the Ursula Erbstollen mine. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012
17. Paczkowski, SzymonBach and Chopin. [p]BICB_Southampton Jul 2012

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