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1. Franklin, Don O.Johann Sebastian's Matthew Passion as a model for the Hamburg Matthew Passions of Carl Philipp Emanuel. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
2. Hartinger, AnselmMendelssohn and early nineteenth-century Bach reception. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
3. Kevorkian, TanyaJ. S. Bach, the Baroque and pietism in Leipzig in the 1720s and 1730s. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
4. Tomita, YoRe-examining the role of Kirnberger in the compilation and dissemination of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier II. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
5. Leahy, Anne; O'Toole, RedmondBach's Prelude, Fugue and Allegro for lute (BWV 998): a Trinitarian statement of faith? [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
6. Paczkowski, SzymonSinget dem Herrn ein neues Lied (BWV 225) by Johann Sebastian Bach - functions and meaning. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
7. Wolff, ChristophThe Bach-Archiv and source-critical research: an introduction. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
8. Kokole, MetodaDiffusion and circulation of the 18th-century Italian opera between Gorizia, Trieste and Graz. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
9. Lutterman, JohnWorks in progress: Bach's Suites for Solo Cello as artifacts of improvisational practices. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
10. Elferen, Isabella van'Seuffzen und Thränen': of sighs and tears in Bach's vocal works. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
11. Crist, Stephen A.When is an aria not an aria? Terminological and generic distinctions among the solos in Bach's vocal works. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
12. Wollny, PeterArchival research and the identification of copyists [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
13. Dirksen, PieterJ.S. Bach and the tradition of the moto contrario. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
14. Abravaya, IdoBach's tempo practices: tempo changes. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
15. Cameron, Jasmin M.Vivaldi's Crucifixus in its descriptive and rhetorical context. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
16. Fehleisen, FredBWV 245/12b: a practical issue with compositional implications. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
17. Leaver, Robin A.Theological Bach Studies: towards a working bibliography. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
18. Maul, MichaelNew Bach documents from central German archives. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
19. Beißwenger, Kirsten; Kobayashi, YoshitakeWork in progress: the copyists' catalogue of the Neue Bach-Ausgabe. [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004

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