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1. Hill, AndrewArticulation and Ornaments in the Sources of Bach's Suite for Violoncello BWV 1011, with a Comparison to Related Works for Violin and Lute. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
2. Mills, IanFrom Autograph to Print: Re-examining the Transmission History of J.S. Bach's 'Great Eighteen' Chorales. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
3. Pollerus, ChristineCembalo Obbligato in J.S. Bach's 'Amore traditore'. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
4. Tomita, YoReading Soul from Manuscripts: Observations on Performance Issues in J.S. Bach's Habits of Writing his Music. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
5. Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovačević]What's in a Name? The Fate of a Hitherto Unknown Manuscript Copy of Bach's Violin Solos. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
6. Crawford, TimJ.S. Bach's 'Cantata Burlesque': Unusual features of the 'Peasant' Cantata BWV 212. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
7. Paczkowski, SzymonBach's Peasant Cantata and the Polish style. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
8. Tatlow, RuthDemystifying Myths: Bach and his Use of Numbers. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
9. Schwalbach, BurkhardEighteenth-Century Coffee-House Culture: A New Context for Bach's Music? [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
10. Crean, EliseFrom Stölzel to Bach: Practischer Beweiß and the Fourteen Canons. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
11. Ledbetter, DavidWhen Notation is too Exact to be Exact: J.S. Bach's Suggestive Anomalies. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008
12. Quinn, MichaelBetween Tonal Theory and Historical Sentiment: Schenker's Reception of J.S. Bach's Chorale Harmonisations. [p]BICB_Leeds Jul 2008

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