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1. Sela, YaelAnna Magdalena Bach's Clavier-Büchlein and Early Modern Women's Musical Training. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
2. Sackmann, DominikOn the Aesthetics of Perfidia. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
3. Wollny, Peter'Meticulous, fine work' or 'reflection of a great school'? -- Wilhelm Friedemann Bach and the protestant church cantata after 1750. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
4. Dirksen, PieterSome Observations on Bach's Organ Sonatas. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
5. Rifkin, JoshuaBlinding Us with Science? Man, Machine, and the Mass in B Minor. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
6. Ledbetter, DavidImprovisation Practices in Bach's Instrumental Music. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
7. Maul, MichaelNew Light on the Controversy between Bach and Scheibe and music life in Leipzig during the late 1730s. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
8. Meyer, SarahChorton and Kammerton in the Actus Tragicus: A Performance Practice Perspective. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
9. Leaver, Robin A.Music in Published Books of Emblems. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
10. Segev, Idith; Cohen, DaliaSignificant Occurrence in Even Musical Texture in Bach's Preludes. A Study Using Mathematical Tools. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
11. Schulenberg, DavidAn Enigmatic Legacy: The Music of Wilhelm Friedemann and Bach and Its Relationship to Other Bach-Family Works. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
12. Diskin, KirillThe copies of the Well-tempered Clavier by J.S.Albrechtsberger: to his Bachiana. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
13. Estrada, Erasmo'eine cantable Art im Spielen zu erlangen': some considerations on spiritual praxis in J.S. Bach's pedagogical collections. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
14. Ebata, NobuakiFour part Chorales of Johann Sebastian Bach's lost sacred cantatas from Picander Jahrgang. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
15. Golomb, Uri; Cohen, DaliaThe Crucifixus from Bach's B-minor Mass: The Reflection of the Work in Performance. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
16. Lutterman, John'Alles, was man unter der Methode zu spielen verstehet, druckt er mit eigentlichen Noten aus'. Changing attitudes toward notation in the Eighteenth Century: The Scheibe-Birnbaum controversy and Bach's notational practice. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
17. Rose, StephenVirtuosos or charlatans? Musical talent and social mobility in the German Baroque. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
18. Paczkowski, SzymonField Marshall Jakob Heinrich Flemming (1667-1728) and his musical patronage. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
19. Rathey, MarkusA Leipzig Christmas Music from 1685. Traditions and Transformations of Christmas before Bach's Christmas Oratorio. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
20. Schwalbach, BurkhardCoffee, Courtship and Counterpoint in Bach's Leipzig: The 'Goldberg Variations' and Women's Clavier Books. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
21. Tenkanen, AtteQuantitative Properties of Invertible Counterpoints in Compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
22. Dodds, MichaelArs combinatoria in a Bach Passion Chorus. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
23. Herr, Corinna'Buß und Reu': a symbol of female sinfulness in Bach's St Matthew Passion? [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
24. Joyce, ElizabethThe Baroque and Lutheran Views of the World Embodied in Bach's Cantata 'Was frag ich nach der Welt' (BWV 94). [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
25. Kuhn, EvaBach was not the First--a Violoncello for Francesco II d'Este, Duke of Modena. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
26. Fazekas, GergelyInner Time, Outer Time and 'Da Capo' Form. Structure and meaning in J.S. Bach's E major violin concerto (BWV 1042). [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
27. Röder, MatthiasThe Permutation Fugue and Johann Sebastian Bach's Compositional Development. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
28. Wollny, PeterBach's Cantata Performances in the 1730s -- New Findings, New Perspectives. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
29. Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovaèeviæ]Off the Beaten Track: An Exploration of Bach Reception in Catholic Central Europe. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
30. Crean, EliseThe Fourteen Canons: Foundation or Culmination? A re-evaluation of their position amongst Bach's late works. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
31. Bärwald, ManuelSecular music performances in the Leipzig 1740s. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
32. Aspden, Suzanne'Dresden ditties' and the feminised galant. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
33. Shabalina, Tatiana [Shabalina, Tat'jana]Texte zur Music by J. S. Bach and his Contemporaries: J. A. Za³uski and his Role in their Preservation. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
34. Oleskiewicz , MaryThe Bachs in Berlin: The Courts of Brandenburg-Prussia as a Background to Instrumental Works of J. S., W. F., and C. P. E. Bach. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
35. Corduban, MichaelaBach as a master of the Musica Poetica. A rhetorical approach to the Well-Tempered Clavier (Book I): proposition of a formal model. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
36. Tomita, YoThe Well-Tempered Clavier in Pre-Classical Vienna: A New Source and Its Implication. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
37. Tatlow, RuthThe Goblet of Anise: A Case Study. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
38. Black, DavidSome 'New' Bach Documents in Eighteenth-Century Printed Sources. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010
39. Speerstra, JoelEmblems in Published Books of Music. [p]BICB_Belfast Jul 2010

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