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1. Zohn, StevenThe Sonate auf Concertenart and Conceptions of Genre in the Late Baroque. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
2. Schulze, Hans-JoachimBach at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
3. Butler, Gregory G.The Prelude to J. S. Bach's Third English Suite BWV 808/1: An Allegro Concerto Movement in Ritornello Form. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
4. Franklin, Don O.Composing in time: towards a new understanding of temporal strusture in J.S. Bach's multi-movement works. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
5. Kan, RebeccaVivaldi, Bach and their concerto slow movements. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
6. Russell, EugeniaAnalysis of the J.S. Bach cello suite BWV 1011 with a view to re-composition/improvisation and performance. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
7. Elste, MartinBach in America during the Shellac Era (1900-50) [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
8. Fabian Somorjay, DorottyaBach performances during the late 20th century: practice, scholarship and reception. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
9. Tomita, YoBach's Credo in England: an early history. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
10. Golomb, UriStyle, expression and performance in the second Kyrie of Bach's B minor Mass. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
11. Boydell, BarraBach comes to Dublin: the performance and reception of Bach's music in Dublin in the 19th and early 20th centuries. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
12. Power, TushaarTowards a codification of Bach's golden sections. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
13. Jung, HermannCaution, not fully provable! Wisdom and folly in the investigation of musical number symbolism. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
14. Butt, JohnBach in the 21st Century: Re-evaluating him from the perspective of performance. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
15. Leaver, Robin A.Eschatology, Theology and Music: Death and beyond in Bach's Vocal Music. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000

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