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1. Bates, JamesA Study of the Rhythmic Problems for the Performer in Selected Cantata and Keyboard Works of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Mar 1994
2. Herz, GerhardLombard Rhythm in Bach's Music--Some Final Conclusions. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1977
3. Hackerman, Willis H.Schenker's Bach. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1985
4. Lee, Douglas A.C.P.E. Bach as Publicist? The Gestation of the Keyboard Concertos of 1771. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 2004
5. Green, RobertThe Music for Strings. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1985
6. Herz, GerhardBach Sources in America. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1979
7. Herz, GerhardThe Choral Music. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1985
8. Cai, CamillaImagery, Symbolism and Form in Salomon Franck's Poetry and J. S.Bach's Weimar Cantatas. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1983
9. Crist, Stephen A.Johann Sebastian Bach and Seventeenth-Century Music: Historiographic Perspectives. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1993
10. Albrecht, TheodoreFootnote to a Footnote: A Pre-Revival, Catholic Biographical Sketch of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1986
11. Franklin, Don O.The Music for Keyboard. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1985
12. Young, Hydalla EtheyoObservations and Analysis of Instrumental and Vocal Part-Writing in Selected Movements of Johann Sebastian Bach's B-Minor Mass. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Mar 1999
13. Morgan, Wesley K.Bach's Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied: An Old Problem. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1980
14. Herz, GerhardNew Light on the Performance-History of Bach's B Minor Mass. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1972
15. Garcia, Thomas George CaracasPopular Music and Bach in Villa-Lobos's Compositional Process: The Bachianas Brasileiras. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 2000

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