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1. Bittmann, AntoniusThe Rebirth of Bach in the Spirit of Wagner: Max Reger's Phantasie und Fuge über Namen BACH, Op. 46 (1900). [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Mar 1999
2. Schwandt, ErichJ. S. Bach's Ouverture in G Minor, BWV 821: The Earliest Keyboard Suite? [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1997
3. Carruthers, Glen BlaineSubjectivity, Objectivity, and Authenticity in Nineteenth-Century Bach Interpretation. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1988
4. Eiseman, DavidBach and the Eroica. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Nov 1975
5. Stevens, JaneTwo Harpsichord Concertos by C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Oct 1973
6. Butler, Gregory G.Using Chronological Markers to Establish Connexes of Bach's Concerto Movements. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1999
7. Cramer, EugeneThe Structure and Performance of Bach's C Major Prelude, BWV 846. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1985
8. Butler, Gregory G.J. S. Bach and the Schemelli Gesangbuch Revisited. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Nov 1979
9. Trombley, RichardThe Golden Section as a Source of Musical Structure in the Works of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1975
10. Butler, Gregory G.Borrowings in J. S. Bach's Klavierübung III. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1981
11. Schwandt, ErichBach's Sonata in D Major, BWV 963. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Feb 1996
12. Janson, PeterThe Conundrum of Music Manuscript Bach P 778. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Feb 1996
13. Butler, Gregory G.J. S. Bach's Gloria in Excelsis Deo (BWV 191): Music for a Leipzig Dankfest. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Mar-Apr 1990
14. Butler, Gregory G.Konrad Friedrich Hurlebusch and His Influence on J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Nov 1977
15. Borgir, TharaldThe bassi cifrati Falsely Attributed to J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Nov 1977
16. Stevens, Jane R.Two Keyboard Concertos of C. P. E. Bach: Form and Style in the Service of Expression. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Nov 1974
17. Cohen, JuliaThe BACH Ostinato Motive in Anton Webern's String Quartet, Op. 28. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Oct 1971
18. Garrett, LeeBach's C-minor Passacaglia: A Study in Structure and Symmetry. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Oct 1971
19. Butler, Gregory G.J. S. Bach's Klavierübung III: Aspects of its Evolution as Revealed in the Original Print. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest May 1984
20. Reul, Barbara M.Occasional Music at the Court of Anhalt-Zerbst: J. S. Bach and J. F. Fasch as Composers of the Geburtstagsmusiken. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 2000
21. Eickhoff, HenryBach's Three Settings of Nun komm der Heiden Heiland in the Seventeen Leipzig Chorales. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Apr 1983
22. Cortens, EvanTheological Allegory in the Cantatas of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Mar-Apr 2006
23. Grieve, EmilyThe Dona nobis of J. S. Bach's B-Minor Mass: Discussion of the Added Significance of Musical Parody. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest Mar-Apr 2006
24. Geiringer, KarlPictorialism and Symbolism in the Music of Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest May 1973

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