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1. Cowdery, WilliamJ. S. Bach's Cantata 61, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, and His Audition for Halle in 1713. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Sep 1990
2. Renwick, WilliamWhen Motive and Mode Diverge: Bach's Manualiter 'Kyries' from Clavierübung III. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Sep 1990
3. Williams, IsabelleMetric Complexity in Bach's Cantata No.182. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Mar 1986
4. Cowdery, WilliamSimilar Symmetries in J.S. Bach's Magnificat, Passions, and Mass. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Apr 1980
5. Mitchell, Alice L.Czerny's View of Bach. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Sep 1984
6. Carpenter, AlexanderWhat I Really Wrote About Bach: Shaw and Deconstruction. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Apr 1997
7. Renwick, WilliamPraeludia et Fugen del Signor Johann Sebastian Bach?: The Origins and Content of MS P-296. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Oct 1994
8. Livingstone, Ernest F.Thematic Relationships and Mathematical Structures as Ordering Principles in Bach's Art of the Fugue. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Apr 1987
9. Lo, VivienSchumann and Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Sep 1978
10. Smithers, Don L.Number and Symbolism in Bach's B-minor Mass. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Apr 1972
11. Hardwick, PeterNineteenth-Century B-A-C-H Works: A Link Between Bach and Schoenberg. [p]AMS_NewYorkState Apr 1979

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