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1. Whaples, MiriamBach's Recapitulation Arias. [p]AMS_NewEngland Sep 1990
2. Fisher, Stephen C.C.P.E. Bach's Sonatinas for Keyboard(s) and Orchestra. [p]AMS_NewEngland Jan 2006
3. Rifkin, JoshuaBach's Struggle ... and Mine. [p]AMS_NewEngland Apr 2006
4. Leisinger, UlrichBach Chorale or Chorale à la Bach?: The Historic Dimension of J. C. F. Bach's Vocal Compositions. [p]AMS_NewEngland Feb 1993
5. Nott, KennethJ. S. Bach and the Stil Galant. [p]AMS_NewEngland Sep 1989
6. Stevens, JaneJ. S. Bach's Harpsichord Concertos: A Question of Genre. [p]AMS_NewEngland Sep 1989
7. Ladewig, JamesThe Influence of Frescobaldi on a Fugue from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. [p]AMS_NewEngland Feb 1986
8. Rifkin, JoshuaBach's Choir (A Work in Progress). [p]AMS_NewEngland Sep 1980
9. Cortens, EvanThe Installation Cantatas of C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_NewEngland Apr 2008
10. Milner, Scott C.French galant Influence in an Aria by J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_NewEngland Feb 1993
11. Marshall, Robert L.A Lutheran Composer's Challenge: The Genesis of Bach's Magnificat. [p]AMS_NewEngland Sep 1987
12. Marshall, Robert L.Bach's Tempo ordinario: A Plaine and Easie Introduction to the System. [p]AMS_NewEngland Apr 1993
13. Crist, Stephen A.Bach's Debut at Leipzig: Observations on the Genesis of BWV 75 and 76. [p]AMS_NewEngland May 1984
14. Chafe, Eric T.Schweig, Taumelnde Vernunft: Faith Contra Reason in the Bach Cantatas. [p]AMS_NewEngland Apr 1986
15. Scooler, EvanBach's Advent Organ Hymnal: Discovering the Function of Bach's 'Great Eighteen' Chorales. [p]AMS_NewEngland Feb 2001
16. Rifkin, JoshuaBach's Choral Ideal. [p]AMS_NewEngland Sep 1990
17. Wollny, PeterSara Levy, née Itzig, and Her Musical Salon. [p]AMS_NewEngland Feb 1993

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