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1. Levarie, SiegmundFugue and Form: Containing a formal analysis of the twenty-four fugues in the first volume of Bach's 'Well-tempered Keyboard'. [p]AMS_Midwest Apr 1941
2. Fox, PamelaThe Context of C. P. E. Bach's Late Works. [p]AMS_Midwest Sep 1989
3. Lee, Douglas A.Emanuel Bach and the Free Fantasia for Keyboard: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek Mus. Ms. Nichelmann 1 N. [p]AMS_Midwest Oct 1986
4. Clark, Stephen L.C. P. E. Bach's Choral Fugues. [p]AMS_Midwest Oct 1986
5. Lee, Douglas A.C. P. E. Bach and a Free Fantasia for Keyboard. [p]AMS_Midwest Mar 1987
6. Grisham, GertrudeMusic for a Leipzig Coffee House: J. S. Bach's BWV 211. [p]AMS_Midwest Oct 1985
7. Clark, J. BunkerThe Beginnings of Bach in America. [p]AMS_Midwest Oct 1985
8. Stinson, RussellJohann Peter Kellner's Copy of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin. [p]AMS_Midwest Sep 1983
9. Green, Richard D.Schumann in the Bach Revival. [p]AMS_Midwest Nov 1977
10. Marshall, Robert L.Towards a Chronology of J. S. Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Flute. [p]AMS_Midwest Nov 1977
11. Bastian, JamesJohann Christian Bach's Dies Irae: A Young Composer's Search for a Style. [p]AMS_Midwest Nov 1987
12. Anderson, ChristopherReger performs Bach: Evidence from the Meiningen Reger Archive. [p]AMS_Midwest Apr 2004
13. Weidner, Robert W.Enigma Variations: Keyserlingk, Goldberg, and Bach. [p]AMS_Midwest Apr 2004
14. Fox Mollard, PamelaFrom Improvisatory Freedom to Compositional Prescription: Complexity of Melodic Detail in C. P. E. Bach's Sonatas. [p]AMS_Midwest Apr 1983
15. Boe, JohnFully Notated Ornaments and Articulation in J. S. Bach's Keyboard Music. [p]AMS_MidWest Apr 1975
16. Jenne, NatalieThe Use of Dance Rhythms in Bach's Fugues. [p]AMS_Midwest Apr 1973
17. Daub, PeggyThe Audience for C.P.E. Bach's Sonaten für Kenner und Liebhaber. [p]AMS_Midwest Nov 1987

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