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1. Stanley, GlennBach's Erbe: The Chorale in the German Oratorio of the 19th Century. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Mar 1987
2. Dreyfus, LaurenceJ. S. Bach's Concerto Ritornellos and the Question of Invention. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork May 1984
3. Cortens, EvanVoices and Invoices: The Hamburg Vocal Ensemble of C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Apr 2009
4. Schulenberg, DavidComposition as Variation: Style and Theory in the Sonatas of C.P.E. Bach. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork May 1981
5. Wyatt, HenryThe 'Quoniam' of J. S. Bach's Mass in B Minor as a Sublime Conceit. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Oct 2000
6. Stauffer, George B.'This fantasia is unique, and never had its like'--Problems of Dating Bach's Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor, BWV 903. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Apr 1985
7. Rifkin, JoshuaThe Chronology of Bach's St. Matthew Passion. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Jan 1973
8. Mendel, AuthurThe Bach Archive at Princeton University. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Oct 1972
9. Stauffer, George B.; Earle, Eugenia'I have often felt both suprise and delight at the means he employed to make, little by little, the faulty good, the good better, and the better perfect ...' -- J. S. Bach as Reviser of his Own Keyboard Works. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Apr 1983
10. Marshall, Robert L.The Genesis of an Aria Ritornello: Observations on the Autograph Score of J. S. Bach's 'Wie zittern and Wanken', BWV 105/3. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Oct 1971
11. Plebuch, TobiasInspired by Bach: Parody Scoring for Films. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Apr 2001
12. Wolff, ChristophDeath-Bed Chorale: 'Vor deinen Thron tret' ich hiermit.' A critical evaluation of a myth. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Oct 1971
13. Scheide, William H.Rare Books and Manuscripts in the Scheide Library. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork Oct 1972

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