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1. Pechefsky, RebeccaBruno Walter's New York St. Matthew Passion: Old World Romanticism or Historical Performance Practice? [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
2. Marshall, Robert L.Bach 2000: Tue Rechung! [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
3. Leisinger, UlrichThe Riddle of Two Allemandes from BWV 819-819a and Kirnberger's Method of Tossing Off Sonatas. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
4. Wollny, PeterBetween Clavierübung III and the Art of Fugue: Three Pages of Unknown Sketches by Johann Sebastian Bach and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
5. Dirst, MatthewDoing Missionary Work: Dwight's Journal of Music and the American Bach 'Awakening'. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
6. Elste, MartinEarly Sound Documents of American Bach Performances. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
7. Crist, Stephen A.The Role and Meaning of the Bachian Chorale in the Music of Dave Brubeck. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
8. Melamed, Daniel R.The Text of Gott ist mein König BWV 71. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000
9. Kevorkian, TanyaThe Reception of Bach's Cantatas during Leipzig Church Services, 1723-1750. [p]ABS_Washington Apr 2000

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