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1. Kenote, Marie HersethBach on the Border of Styles: A Fresh Look at the Controversies Surrounding the Autograph Manuscript of BWV 1032. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
2. Ellis, MarkRitornello and Variation Processes in the Music of J. S. Bach. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
3. Joyce, ElizabethBach and the Figure of the 'Good Shepherd'. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
4. Wollny, PeterThoughts on Bach's Leipzig Cantatas. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
5. Walker, PaulBach's Use of Fugue in the Stile Antico Vocal Writing of the B-Minor Mass. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
6. Maul, MichaelLeipzig Church Music in the Shadow of Johann Sebastian Bach-Insights into the Cantatas of Johann Gottlieb G÷rner and Balthasar Schott. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
7. Hartinger, AnselmBach and Zelenka: New light on the Musical Relationship between Two Contemporaries. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
8. Paczkowski, SzymonBach and the Story of an 'Aria tempo di Polonaise' for Joachim Friedrich Flemming. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
9. Erickson, RaymondLeipzig Theologians and the Early Enlightenment: A new avenue to the issue of Bach and the Jews. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
10. Leisinger, UlrichBachian Fugues in Mozart's Vienna. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
11. Clement, AlbertThe Vocal Parts of Bach's Matthew Passion used by Mendelssohn in Leipzig, 1829: Some Considerations on the History and Meaning of the Surviving Materials. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
12. Leaver, Robin A.The C.P.E. Bach 1790 Verzeichni▀: What do the Pictures Exhibit? [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
13. Elferen, Isabella van'Und ging hinaus, und weinete bitterlich': Music crossing Social Borders in C.P.E. Bach's Passions. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
14. Tomita, Yo'Most ingenious, most learned, and yet practicable work': The English reception of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in the first half of the nineteenth century seen through the editions published in London. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006
15. Talle, AndrewTwo Catholic Bach Enthusiasts from Eighteenth-Century Fulda: Johann Heinrich Fischer and Fructuosus Roeder. [p]ABS_Leipzig May 2006

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