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1. Snyder, Kerala J.Tradition with Variations: Chorale Settings per omnes versus by Buxtehude and Bach. [fs]Leaver65 2007 31-50
2. Butler, Gregory G.Bach's Preluding for a Leipzig Academic Ceremony. [fs]Leaver65 2007 51-67
3. Leahy, AnneBach's Setting of the Hymn Tune 'Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland' in His Cantatas and Organ Works. [fs]Leaver65 2007 69-101
4. Marissen, MichaelHistorically Informed Rendering of the Librettos from Bach's Church Cantatas. [fs]Leaver65 2007 103-120
5. Franklin, Don O.The Role of the 'Actus Structure' in the Libretto of J. S. Bach's Matthew Passion. [fs]Leaver65 2007 121-139
6. Melamed, Daniel R.Two Unusual Cues in J. S. Bach's Performing Parts. [fs]Leaver65 2007 141-146
7. Clement, AlbertJohann Sebastian Bach and the Praise of God: Some Thoughts on the Canon Triplex (BWV 1076). [fs]Leaver65 2007 147-168
8. Tomita, YoBach and Dresden: A New Hypothesis on the Origin of the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988). [fs]Leaver65 2007 169-191
9. Zager, Daniel (ed.)Music and Theology: Essays in Honor of Robin A. Leaver. [fs]Leaver65 2007 vii, 281p

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