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1. Aldrich, Putnam'Rhythmic harmony' as taught by Johann Philipp Kirnberger. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 37-52
2. Buszin, Walter E.The chorale in the baroque era and J. S. Bach's contribution to it. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 108-116
3. Donington, RobertAmore traditore: a problem cantata. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 160-176
4. Göllner, TheodorJ. S. Bach and the tradition of keyboard transcriptions. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 253-260
5. Herz, GerhardBWV 131: Bach's first cantata. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 272-291
6. Rose, GloriaFather and son: some attributions to J. S. Bach by C. P. E. Bach. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 364-369
7. Waite, William G.Bernard Lamy, Rhetorician of the Passions. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 388-396
8. Landon, H. C. Robbins; Chapman, Roger E. (eds.)Studies in eighteenth-century music. A tribute to Karl Geiringer on his seventieth birthday. [fs]Geiringer70 1970 425p

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