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1. Owens, Samantha; Reul, Barbara M.'Das gantze Corpus derer musicirenden Personen': An Introduction to German Hofkappellen. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 1-14
2. Stockigt, Janice B.The Court of Saxony-Dresden. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 17-49
3. Oleskiewicz, Mary (ed.)The court of Brandenburg-Prussia. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 79-130
4. Siegmund, BertThe Court of Saxony-Gotha-Altenburg. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 197-221
5. Ruf, WolfgangThe Courts of Saxony-Weißenfels, Saxony-Merseburg, and Saxony-Zeitz. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 223-255
6. Zohn, Steven'Die vornehmste Hof-Tugend': German Musicians' Reflections on Eighteenth-Century Court Life. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 413-425
7. Owens, Samantha; Reul, Barbara M.; Stockigt, Janice B. (eds.)Music at German courts, 1715-1760: Changing artistic priorities. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 xx, 484p

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