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1. Gay, Peter'We miss our Jews': The Musical Migration from Nazi Germany. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 21-32
2. Babbitt, MiltonMy Vienna Triangle at Washington Square Revisited and Dilated. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 33-53
3. Nettl, BrunoDisplaced Musics and Immigrant Musicologists: Ethnomusicological and Biographical Perspectives. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 54-65
4. Zenck, Claudia MaurerChallenges and Opportunities of Acculturation: Schoenberg, Krenek, and Stravinsky in Exile. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 172-193
5. Ringer, Alexander L.Strangers in Strangers' Land: Werfel, Weill, and The Eternal Road. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 243-260
6. Stephen HintonHindemith and Weill: Cases of 'Inner' and 'Other' Direction. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 261-278
7. Potter, Pamela M.From Jewish Exile in Germany to German Scholar in America: Alfred Einstein's Emigration. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 298-321
8. Levin, WalterImmigrant Musicians and the American Chamber Music Scene, 1930-1950. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 322-339
9. Brinkmann, Reinhold; Wolff, Christoph (eds.)Driven Into Paradise: The Musical Migration From Nazi Germany to the United States. [ce]DrivenIntoParadise 1999 xiii, 373p

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