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1. Berg, Darrell M.C. P. E. Bach's Character Pieces and his Friendship Circle. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 1-32
2. Clark, Stephen LewisThe letters from C. P. E. Bach to K. W. Ramler. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 33-41
3. Darbellay, EtienneC. P. E. Bach's Aesthetic as Reflected in his Notation. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 43-63
4. Davis, Shelley G.C. P. E. Bach and the Early History of the Recapitulatory Tutti in North Germany. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 65-82
5. Fillion, MichelleC. P. E. Bach and the Trio Old and New. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 83-104
6. Fox, PamelaThe Stylistic Anomalies of C. P. E. Bach's Nonconstancy. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 105-131
7. Hogwood, ChristopherA Supplement to C. P. E. Bach's 'Versuch': E. W. Wolf's 'Anleitung' of 1785. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 133-157
8. Kulukundis, Elias N.C. P. E. Bach in the Library of the Singakademie zu Berlin. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 159-176
9. Lee, Douglas A.C. P. E. Bach and the Free Fantasia for Keyboard: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek Mus. Ms. Nichelmann I N. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 177-184
10. Ottenberg, Hans-GŁnterC. P. E. Bach and Carl Friedrich Zelter. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 185-216
11. Schulenberg, DavidC. P. E. Bach in the 1740s: The Growth of a Style. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 217-231
12. Serwer, Howard J.C. P. E. Bach, J. C. F. Rellstab, and the Sonatas with Varied Reprises. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 233-243
13. Stevens, Jane R.The 'Piano Climax' in the Eighteenth-Century Concerto: An Operatic Gesture? [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 245-276
14. Wade, Rachel W.Filiation and the Editing of Revised and Alternate Versions: Implications for the C. P. E. Bach Edition. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 277-294
15. Wollenberg, SusanA New Look at C. P. E. Bach's Musical Jokes. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 295-314
16. Clark, Stephen LewisC. P. E. Bach in literature: A Bibliography. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 315-335
17. Clark, Stephen L. (ed.)C. P. E. Bach Studies. [ce]CPEBachStud 1988 xv, 346p

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