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1. Schulze, Hans-JoachimJohann Christoph Bach (1671-1721), 'Organist und Schul Collega in Ohrdruf', Johann Sebastian Bachs erster Lehrer [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 3-29
2. Junghans, Wilhelm Ch.Johann Sebastian Bach als Schüler der Partikularschule zu St. Michaelis in Lüneburg, oder Lüneburg eine Pflegstätte kirchlicher Musik. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 31-74
3. Minear, Paul S.The Musician Versus the Grammarian: An Early Storm Warning. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 75-86
4. Buelow, George J.In Defence of J. A. Scheibe against J. S. Bach. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 87-102
5. Trautmann, ChristophJ. S. Bach: new Light on His Faith. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 103-114
6. Leaver, Robin A.Motive and Motif in the Church Music of Johann Sebastian Bach. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 115-124
7. Dürr, AlfredZum Wandel des Bach-Bildes. Zu Friedrich Blumes Mainzer Vortrag. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 127-134
8. Blume, FriedrichAntwort von Friedrich Blume. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 135-138
9. Mendel, ArthurPersönliches zur Geschichte der Jüngeren Bach-Forschung. ('A Personal Message Concerning the History of Recent Bach Scholarship'). [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 139-147
10. Herz, GerhardYoshitake Kobayashi's Article 'On the Chronology of the last phase of Bach's Work - Compositions and Performances: 1736 to 1750' - An Analysis with Translated Portions of the Original Text'. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 149-171
11. Dürr, AlfredBach's Chorale Cantatas. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 175-184
12. Hobohm, WolfNeue 'Texte zur Leipziger Kirchen-Music'. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 185-212
13. Häfner, KlausDer Picander-Jahrgang. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 213-256
14. Scheide, William H.Bach und der Picander-Jahrgang - Eine Erwiderung. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 257-261
15. Häfner, KlausPicander, der Textdichter von Bachs viertem Kantatenjahrgang. Ein neuer Hinweis. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 263-269
16. Scheide, William H.Eindeutigkeit und Mehrdeutigkeit in Picanders Kantatenjahrgangs-Vorbemerkung und im Werkverzeichnis des Nekrologs auf Johann Sebastian Bach. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 271-275
17. Mendel, ArthurTraces of the pre-history of Bach's St. John and St. Matthew Passions. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 277-294
18. Wolff, Christoph'Et Incarnatus' and 'Crucifixus': The Earliest and Latest Settings of Bach's B-minor Mass. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 295-305
19. Dadelsen, Georg vonFriedrich Smend's Edition of the B-minor Mass by J. S. Bach. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 307-327
20. Kobayashi, YoshitakeUniversality in Bach's B Minor Mass: A Portrait of Bach in His Final Years. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 329-345
21. Dürr, AlfredZur Parodiefrage in Bachs h-Moll-Messe: Eine Bestandsaufnahme. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 347-368
22. Schulze, Hans-JoachimThe Parody Process in Bach's Music: An Old Problem Reconsidered. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 369-383
23. Leaver, Robin A.Parody and Theological Consistency: Notes on Bach's A-Major Mass. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 385-398
24. Marshall, Robert L.Bach the Progressive: Observations on His Later Works. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 399-443
25. Neumann, FrederickBach: Progressive or Conservative and the Authorship of the Goldberg Aria. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 445-458
26. Marshall, Robert L.Postscript [to 'Bach the Progressive'] [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 459-463
27. Tomita, YoPsalm and the Well-Tempered Clavier II: Revisiting the Old Question of Bach's Source of Inspiration. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 465-491
28. Dürr, AlfredPerformance practice of Bach's cantatas: Original performance material; original rehearsals; original performance forces; original performance style, conclusions for modern performance. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 495-502
29. Rifkin, JoshuaBach's Chorus: A preliminary report. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 503-509
30. Rasch, RudolfDoes 'Well-Tempered' mean 'Equal-Tempered'? [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 511-528
31. Neumann, FrederickSome Performance Problems of Bach's Unaccompanied Violin and Cello Works. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 529-558
32. Tomita, YoIntroduction. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 xv-xxxvii
33. Tomita, Yo (ed.)Bach. [ce]BaroqueComposers 2011 xxxvii, 574p

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