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1. Haywood, Ernest (arr.)Have Pity, Lord. Organ Chorale Prelude ... 1945
2. Haywood, Ernest (ed.)Solfeggietto / C. Ph. Emanuel Bach 1945
3. [anon.] (ed.)Reutlinger Singkreis. Weihnachts-Oratorium, am 15. und 16. Dezember 1945 in der Christuskirche Reutlingen. 1945 11p
4. Bach Weihnachts-Oratorium am 15. und 16. Dezember 1945 in der Christuskirche Reutlingen. 1945 12p
5. Buszin, Walter E. (ed.)Ten Schemelli Chorales ... 1945 12p
6. Loon, Hendrik Willem vanJ. S. Bach élete és kora. 1945 169p
7. Harris, William H. (arr.)Toccata in the dorian mode / J.S. Bach 1945 16p
8. Seiber, Mátyás (arr.)Suite in B minor for flute and string orchestra / J. S. Bach. 1945 21p + St
9. Geehl, Henry Ernest; Stainer, Charles (arr.)Three Flute Sonatas (2nd set) / Johann Sebastian Bach 1945 27p + St
10. Sponer, Alfred vonJohann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig 1723-1750. 1945 33p
11. Norman, Philip B.A Quantitative Study of Harmonic Similarities in Certain Specified Works of Bach, Beethoven, and Wagner. 1945 35p
12. Selden-Goth, Gisella (ed.)Felix Mendelssohn: Letters. 1945 372p
13. Krish, Edward (arr.)Organ Chorale Prelude: Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord / J.S. Bach [C.P.E. Bach?] 1945 3p
14. Confalonieri, Giulio'La Passione secondo San Matteo'. Alla 'Scala' di Milano. 1945 45-49
15. David, Hans T.; Mendel, Arthur (eds.)The Bach Reader. 1945 474p
16. Peyser, Herbert FrancisJohann Sebastian Bach and a few of his major works. 1945 47p
17. Harris, William H. (arr.)Wir glauben all' an einem Gott, Vater. Choral Prelude by J. S. Bach 1945 4p
18. Richardson, Alan (arr.)Three choral preludes, 2: Come, redeemer of our race / J.S. Bach. 1945 4p + St
19. Haywood, Ernest (arr.)Hark! a voice is calling: chorale prelude / J. S. Bach 1945 5p
20. Harris, William H. (arr.)AN WASSERFLÜSSER BABYLON. Chorale Prelude by J. S. Bach. 1945 5p
21. Haywood, Ernest (arr.)Herds may safely graze = Schafe können sicher weiden / J. S. Bach 1945 5p
22. Buszin, Walter E. (ed.)Shall I Not to God Sing Praises. ... 1945 6p
23. West, John E. (arr.)Gracious Lord of all our Being. Chorale from Cantata 147 by J. S. Bach 1945 7p
24. Richardson, Alan (arr.)Three choral preludes, 1: Lord Jesus Christ, be present now / J.S. Bach. 1945 7p + St
25. Treharne, Bryceson (arr.)Sheep and Lambs may safely graze / [J. S. Bach] 1945 8p
26. Harris, William H. (arr.)IN DIR IST FREUDE. Chorale Prelude by J. S. Bach. 1945 8p
27. Richardson, Alan (arr.)Three choral preludes, 3: All glory be to God on high / J.S. Bach. 1945 9p + St
28. Scott, Charles Kennedy (ed.)Fifty Sacred Songs (taken mainly from the Schemelli Hymns) Vol. I (nos. 1-12) by J.S. Bach. 1945 vi, 28p
29. Bairstow, Edward C.Counterpoint and Harmony. 1945 x, 408p
30. David, Hans T.J. S. Bach's Musical Offering. History, Interpretation, and Analysis. 1945 xi, 190p
31. Róheim, GézaThe Eternal Ones of the Dream: a psychoanalytic interpretation of Australian myth and ritual. 1945 xiii, 270p

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