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1. Johann Sebastian Bach's Violoncello piccolo: A Violoncello Small enough to be Held on the Arm. 1980 16p
2. The violoncello in art: an iconography of the early violoncello and a reconstruction of the violoncello-geometry of Jakob Stainer. 1989 20p
3. A Deceptive Edition of the Bach 'Cello Suites. Bach 9 1 Jan 1978 26-29
4. Joh. Seb. Bachs Violoncello piccolo: Neue Aspekte -- offene Fragen. BachJb 84 1998 63-81
5. The violoncello with special reference to Bach's 6 suites for violincello unaccompanied. diss. 1979-80
6. Certain aspects of Baroque music for violoncello as finally exemplified in the suites for unaccompanied violoncello by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1983 187p
7. S. Bach's fiauti d'echo: Recorders off-stage. FoMRHIQ 82 1996 41-42
8. Bach's cello suites related to events and changing circumstances in his life. [p]MSA_Perth Jul 1999
9. The drama of Bach's life in the Court of C÷then, as reflected in his Cello Suites. Stringendo 22 1 2000 32-35
10. Anna Magdalena Bach As Copyist Of Bach's Solos For Violin And Suites for Cello. Stringendo 31 2 2009 38-39

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