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1. Oleskiewicz, Mary'For the Church as Well as For the Orchestra': J.S. Bach, the Missa, and the Dresden Court, 1700-1750. Bach 38 2 2007 1-38
2. Oleskiewicz, MaryThe Trio in Bach's Musical Offering: A Salute to Frederick's Tastes and Quantz's Flutes? BachPerspectives 4 1999 79-110
3. Oleskiewicz, MaryChamber Music and Piano Music. [ce]ASingAkadBerlinCat 2010 97-110
4. Oleskiewicz, MaryKammermusik und Klaviermusik. [ce]ASingAkadBerlinCat 2010 191-205
5. Oleskiewicz, Mary (ed.)The court of Brandenburg-Prussia. [ce]MusicGermanCourts 2011 79-130
6. Oleskiewicz, Mary (ed.)Solo Sonatas / Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. CPEBachCW 2 1 2008 xxx, 146p
7. Oleskiewicz, MaryThe flute at Dresden: Ramifications for eighteenth-century woodwind performance in Germany. [cr]York1999 2005 145-165
8. Oleskiewicz, Mary A.Quantz and the Flute at Dresden: His Instruments, His Repertory, and Their Significance for the 'Versuch' and the Bach Circle. diss. 1998 xxxiv, 727p
9. Oleskiewicz, MaryQuantz's Quatuors and Other Works Newly Discovered. EarlyM 31 4 Nov 2003 484-505
10. Oleskiewicz, MaryLike father, like son? Emanuel Bach and the writing of biography. [fs]Williams70 2007 253-279
11. Oleskiewicz, MaryThe Art of the Cadenza: Improvisation and Composition in Eighteenth-Century Sonatas and Concertos for Flute. MichaelsteinKonfBer 74 2008 237-262
12. Oleskiewicz, MaryBachs in Berlin: The Courts of Brandenburg-Prussia As Background to Instrumental Works of J.S., W.F., and C.P.E. Bach. [p]ABS_Wisconsin May 2010
13. Oleskiewicz, MaryBach, Quantz and the Tranverse Flute: Interrelationships and Influences. [p]ABS_Yale Apr 1998
14. Oleskiewicz, MaryRewriting the Recent Past: Icons, Anecdotes, and the Music of Eighteenth-Century Berlin. [p]AMS_LosAngeles Nov 2006
15. Oleskiewicz, MaryRewriting the Recent Past: Icons, Anecdotes, and the Music of Eighteenth-Century Berlin. [p]BICB_Warsaw Jul 2006
16. Oleskiewicz, MaryQuantz als Kopist, Komponist und Vermittler von Dresdner Repertoire: Rheinsberg, Bayreuth, Berlin und seine europäische Reise. [p]Dresden Jun 2010
17. Oleskiewicz, MaryMore Discoveries From the Archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin: The Long-Lost Flute Quartets and other works of Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773). [p]IS_Memphis Nov 2003
18. Oleskiewicz, MaryBach, Quantz, and the flute. Traverso 12 4 Oct 2000 13-15

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