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1. Marissen, MichaelLutheranism, Anti-Judaism, and Bach's St. John Passion. With an annotated literal translation of the libretto. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. 127p. 1998 127p
2. Marissen, MichaelThe Social and Religious Designs of J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. Princeton Univ. Press, 1995. 160p. - 2/1999. 150p. ISBN: 0-691-00686-5. 1995 160p
3. Marissen, MichaelBach's Oratorios: The Parallel German-English Texts with Annotations. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. 208p. ISBN13: 9780195367171; ISBN10: 0195367170 2008 208p
4. Melamed, Daniel R.; Marissen, MichaelAn introduction to Bach Studies. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. xi, 189p. 1998 xi, 189p
5. Marissen, MichaelOn Linking Bach's F-Major Sinfonia and his Hunt Cantata. [BWV 208, 1046a] Bach 23 2 Fall-Winter 1992 31-46
6. Marissen, MichaelMore Source-Critical Research on J. S. Bach's Musical Offering. Bach 25 1 Spring-Summer 1994 11-27
7. Marissen, MichaelConcerto Styles and Signification in Bach's First Brandenburg Concerto. BachPerspectives 1 1995 79-101
8. Marissen, Michael (ed.)Bach Perspectives 3: Creative Responses to Bach from Mozart to Hindemith. Lincoln, Neb.: University of Nebraska Press, 1998. ix, 160p. ISBN: 0-8032-1048-5. BachPerspectives 3 1998 ix, 160p
9. Marissen, MichaelThe theological character of J. S. Bach's Musical Offering. BachStud 2 1995 85-106
10. Marissen, MichaelBach. Brandenburg Kyosokyoku. [Bach. Brandenburg Concertos.] Trans. Tadashi Watanabe. BCJ 42 May 2000 8-19
11. Marissen, MichaelBrandenburg Concertos (Brandenburgische Konzerte). Six Concertos, BWV 1046-1051, which Bach dedicated to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg, in March 1721. [Reproduced from Oxford Composer Companions: J. S. Bach, ed. Malcolm Boyd, 1999, pp.68-73) BCJ 42 May 2000 28-33
12. Marissen, MichaelYohane Junankyoku BWV 245 Dai-4-Ko. Johannespassion BWV 245 Fassung IV. Kashi Chushaku. [Text commentary by Michael Marissen trans. Kazuhiro Fujiwara]. BCJ 76 Apr 2007 9-40
13. Marissen, MichaelBeziehungen zwischen der Besetzung und dem Satzaufbau im ersten Satz des sechsten Brandenburgischen Konzerts von Johann Sebastian Bach. BeitrBachF 9-10 1991 104-128
14. Marissen, MichaelBach's St. John Passion and the Jews. Bach in the Blood. Colloquium 4 Autumn 2007 141-143
15. Marissen, Michael AnthonyScoring, Structure, and Signification in J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. PhD diss., Walthan, MA: Brandeis University, 1991. vii, 251p. diss. 1991 vii, 251p
16. Marissen, MichaelPenzel Manuscripts of Bach Concertos. DortmundBachF 1 1997 77-87
17. Marissen, MichaelAufführungspraxis und Bedeutung in zwei Instrumentalwerken Johann Sebastian Bachs. [BWV 1047/1, 1079] DortmundBachF 2 1999 291-301
18. Marissen, MichaelA Trio in C major for recorder, violin and continuo by J. S. Bach? [BWV 1032] EarlyM 13 3 Aug 1985 384-390
19. Marissen, MichaelPerformance Practice Issues That Affect Meaning in Two Bach Instrumental Works. EastmanStudM 28 2004 85-94 [fs]Marshall65
20. Marissen, MichaelHistorically Informed Rendering of the Librettos from Bach's Church Cantatas. [fs]Leaver65 2007 103-120
21. Marissen, MichaelBach and Recorders in G. GalpinSocJ 48 Mar 1995 199-204
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24. Marissen, MichaelA Critical Reappraisal of J. S. Bach's A-major Flute Sonata. [BWV 1032] JMcol 6 3 Summer 1988 367-386
25. Marissen, MichaelOn the Musically Theological in J. S. Bach's Cantatas. LutherQ 16 1 2002 48-64
26. Marissen, MichaelBlood, People, and Crowds in Matthew, Luther, and Bach. LutherQ 19 1 2005 1-22
27. Marissen, MichaelRelationships between Scoring and Structure in the First Movement of Bach's Sixth Brandenburg Concerto. MLetters 71 4 Nov 1990 494-504
28. Marissen, MichaelJ. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos as a Meaningful Set. MQ 77 2 Summer 1993 193-235
29. Marissen, MichaelReligious Aims in Mendelssohn's 1829 Berlin-Singakademie Performances of Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Music and Culture. MQ 77 4 Winter 1993 718-726
30. Marissen, MichaelPerspectives on the 'St. John Passion' and the Jews. NYTimes 2 Apr 2000
31. Marissen, MichaelBach and Josephus on the destruction of Jerusalem. A paper read at Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society, April 26-28, 2002 at University of Houston, Rice University Houston, TX. 'J. S. Bach: Liturgy--Music--Theology.' [p]ABS_Houston Apr 2002
32. Marissen, MichaelRelationships Between Form and Scoring in J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.6. A paper read at the 55th Annual Meeting of the AMS and the 12th Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory, 26-29 October 1989 in Austin, Texas. [p]AMS_Austin Oct 1989
33. Marissen, MichaelLutheranism, Anti-Judaism, and Bach's St. John Passion. A paper read at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Musicological Society on 7 October 1995 at Swarthmore College. [p]AMS_MidAtlantic Oct 1995
34. Marissen, MichaelPerformance Practice Issues that Affect Meaning in Selected Bach Instrumental Works. A paper read at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society on 1 April 1995 at West Chester University. [p]AMS_MidAtlantic Apr 1995
35. Marissen, MichaelRelationships Between Form and Scoring in J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.6. A paper read at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society on 21 October 1989. [p]AMS_MidAtlantic Oct 1989
36. Marissen, MichaelPerformance Practice Issues that Affect Meaning in Two Bach Instrumental Works. Paper read at the 2nd Dortmunder Bach-Symposions, 21-24 January 1998. [p]BS_Dortmund Jan 1998
37. Marissen, MichaelThe Redemptive Interpretation of Matthew 27: 25 in Bach's St. Matthew Passion. 'American Bach Sources and Current Theological Research in Bach': The Annual Meeting of the Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung, September 10-14, 1997, hosted by the Newberry Library, Chicago as part of its exhibit: 'The Music and Mind of Bach.' [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
38. Marissen, MichaelBach, Luther, and Josephus on the Destruction of Jerusalem. Paper read at the Tagung der Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung e.V. 14.-17. März 2002 in Verbindung mit der Evang.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Eisenach, der Gesellschaft [p]IATB_Eisenach Mar 2002
39. Marissen, MichaelVom Musikalisch-Theologischen in den Kirchenkantaten J. S. Bachs. Paper read at Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung e.V. 'Tradition und Erneuerung in Johann Sebastian Bachs Choralbearbeitungen' Die Gestaltung des lutherischen Kirchenliedes in Bachs Choralkantaten und Orgelchorälen. Symposium vom 30. September - 4. Oktober 1999 im Tagungszentrum Løgumkloster/Dänemark. [p]IATB_Logumkloster Oct 1999
40. Marissen, MichaelBiblical solutions to Certain Problems in Bach Biography. Paper read at International Bach Symposium Utrecht 2000, University of Utrecht 12-14 September 2000. [p]IBS_Utrecht Sep 2000
41. Marissen, MichaelNew Theological Research on Bach's Church Cantatas and Oratorios. A paper read at the International Music Symposium 'Recent Research in Baroque Music' held at Roosevelt Academy (Holland) on 22 March 2005. [p]IMS_Middelburg Mar 2005
42. Scheide, William H.; Marshall, Robert L.; Marissen, Michael; Wolff, ChristophArthur Mendel and the World of J. S. Bach. Lecture given at 'Bach and Mendel': A Special Symposium in Celebration of the Centenary of Professor Arthur Mendel and the Sixtieth Anniversary of The Bach Reader, Saturday, November 19, 2005 at the Princeton University. [p]Mendel60BR Nov 2005
43. Marissen, MichaelBlood, people and crowds in Matthew's Gospel, Luther's New Testament and Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Passion, Affekt und Leidenschaft in der Frühen Neuzeit. 11. Jahrestreffen des Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreises für Barockforschung in der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel vom 2. bis 5. April 2003 [p]WAfB_Wolfenbüttel Apr 2003
44. Marissen, MichaelBach-Repertoire für Flötisten. Noten Tibia 12 3 1987 537-540

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