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TypeListTitle[further info]SeriesVolNoYearPagesStatus
1. Recent Bach Publications. AmerBachSocNL Spring 2000 10-14
2. Report on 'Bach Symposium: The World and Music of Johann Sebastian Bach' Lincoln Center, New York City. AmerBachSocNL Spring 2000 2
3. Report on the Yale Meeting. AmerBachSocNL Fall 1998 2-3
4. Lost Archive of C. P. E. Bach discovered in Kyiv. AmerBachSocNL Fall 1999 3-4
5. Recent Dissertations. AmerBachSocNL Spring 1999 4-5
6. Recent Bach Publications. AmerBachSocNL Spring 1997 5-7
7. Recent Bach Publications. AmerBachSocNL Spring 1998 5-7
8. Embracing Faith: The Duet as Metaphor in Selected Sacred Cantatas by J. S. Bach. Bach 34 1 2003 1-71
9. Anne Leahy (1961-2007): A Personal Remembrance. BachNotesABS 8 Fall 2007 21-22
10. 'The Public...Would Probably Prefer Something that Appeals Less to the Brain and More to the Senses': The Reception of Bach's Music in New York City, 1855-1900. BachPerspectives 5 2003 57-114
11. From the House of Aaron to the House of Johann Sebastian: Old Testament Roots for the Bach Family Tree. [ce]AboutBach 2008 15-32
12. About Bach. [ce]AboutBach 2008 xi, 216p
13. Bach's Calov Bible and his Quest for the Title of Royal Court Composer. [cr]Belfast2007 1 2007 150-176
14. The Sacred Duets and Terzets of Johann Sebastian Bach: A Study of Genre and Musical Text Interpretation. diss. 1996 xv, 505 Bl
15. Bach in der Welt: USA. MKirche 69 4 Jul-Aug 1999 264-266
16. Vocal Texture as a Means of Classifying J. S. Bach's Sacred Duets. [p]ABS_Atlanta Apr 1994
17. Embracing faith: the message of the medium in selected sacred cantatas by J. S. Bach. [p]ABS_Houston Apr 2002
18. A Fresh Look at the Annotations in Bach's Calov Bible: Clues to the Identity of the Previous Owner and Implications for Bach Studies. [p]ABS_Wisconsin May 2010
19. The Identities of the Triumvirate in BWV 38/5 Revealed: The Influence of Luther's Exegesis on Bach's Compositional Choices in a Sacred Terzet. [p]AMS_Boston Oct 1998
20. Embracing Faith: The Message of the Medium in Selected Sacred Cantatas by J.S. Bach. [p]IATB_Eisenach Mar 2002
21. The Identities of the Triumvirate in BWV 38/5 Revealed: The Influence of Luther's Exegesis of Psalm 130 on Bach's Compositional Choices in a Sacred Terzet. [p]IATB_Logumkloster Oct 1999
22. Getting to the Bottom of the Ascension Day Cantata 'Auf Christi Himmelfahrt allein' (BWV 128): Connection to Luther's Commentary on Psalm 110:1. [p]IBS_Utrecht Sep 2000
23. Passion and Faith: A Shared Musical Language. [p]WAfB_Wolfenbüttel Apr 2003

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