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1. Franklin, Don O.Konvention und Invention in Kantate 46: Johann Sebastian Bachs Kantate für den 10. Sonntag nach Trinitatis. [BWV 46] ArolserBeitrMf 7 1999 181-206
2. Franklin, Don O.The Carnegie Manuscript and J. S. Bach. Bach 22 1 Spring-Summer 1991 5-15
3. Franklin, Don O.Bill Scheide: Pioneer and Promoter of Bach's Music. BachNotesABS 11 Spring 2009 7-8
4. Franklin, Don O.The 2009 Montreal Bach Symposium -- A Conference Report. BachNotesABS 12 Winter 2010 2
5. Franklin, Don O.George J. Buelow (March 31, 1929 -- March 30, 2009) BachNotesABS 12 Winter 2010 11
6. Franklin, Don O.Alfred Mann (1917-2006): A Personal Reminiscence. BachNotesABS 6 Fall 2006 18-19
7. Franklin, Don O.Die Artikulation in den Cembalowerken J. S. Bachs - eine Notationsstudie. BachSt 10 1991 280-301
8. Franklin, Don O.Reconstructing the Urpartitur for WTC II: a study of the 'London Autograph' (BL Add. MS 35021). BachStud 1 1989 240-278
9. Franklin, Don O. (ed.)Bach Studies. [1] Cambridge University Press, 1989. 362p. ISBN: 0532 341051. - Paperback edn. 2008, 380p. ISBN-13: 978-0521088329. BachStud 1 1989 362p
10. Franklin, Don O.Die Fermata als Notationsmittel für das Tempoverhältnis zwischen Präludium und Fuge. BeitrBachF 9-10 1991 138-156
11. Franklin, Don O.The Carnegie Manuscript and J. S. Bach. CarnegieMag 60 7 1991 20-25
12. Franklin, Don O.The Libretto of Bach's John Passion and the Doctrine of Reconciliation: An Historical Perspective. [cr]Amsterdam1993 1995 179-203
13. Franklin, Don O.A Guide to the Temporal Structure of the 1733 Missa. A new article based on his paper given at the Wissenschaftliche Konferenz 'Bach in Leipzig / Bach und Leipzig' from 27 to 29 January 2000. [cr]Belfast2007 2 2007 446-458
14. Franklin, Don O.Vom alten zum neuen Adam: Phrygischer Kirchenton und moderne Tonalität in J.S.Bachs Kantate 38. [cr]Eisenach1996 1999 129-144
15. Franklin, Don O.Articulation in the cembalo works of J. S. Bach: A notational study. [cr]Stuttgart1985 1987 ii: 452-465
16. Franklin, Don O.'Recht Glauben, Christlich Leben, Seelig Sterben': Johann Olearius and Johann Sebastian Bach. [cr]Stuttgart1995 1998 229-248
17. Franklin, Don O.The Role of Time Signatures in Bach's Composition of Jahrgang I. DortmundBachF 3 2002 329-356
18. Franklin, Don O.Viewing the Goldberg Variations as a musico-mathematical matrix. DortmundBachF 6 2003 231-250
19. Franklin, Don O.Bach's Keyboard Music in the 1730s and 1740s: Organs and Harpsichords, Hildebrandt and Neidhardt. EarlyKStudNL 6 1 1991 1-6
20. Franklin, Don O.The Missing Adagio. EarlyMReview 119 Jun 2007 12-13
21. Franklin, Don O.The Fermata as Notational Convention in the Music of J. S. Bach. FestschriftSer 10 1992 345-381 [fs]Ratner
22. Franklin, Don O.The Role of the 'Actus Structure' in the Libretto of J. S. Bach's Matthew Passion. [fs]Leaver65 2007 121-139
23. Franklin, Don O.Viewing the poetic texts in Bach's Matthew Passion from a new perspective. [fs]Petzoldt65 2011 67-77
24. Franklin, Don O.Composing in time: Bach's temporal design for the Goldberg Variations. IrishMStud 8 2004 103-128
25. Franklin, Don O.Aspekte von Proportion und Dimension in Johann Sebastian Bachs Missa von 1733. Übersetzung von Ulrich Leisinger. LeipzigerBeitrBachF 5 2002 235-272
26. Franklin, Don O.Das Verhältnis zwischen Taktart und Kompositionstechnik im Wohltemperierten Klavier I. MwSchr 38 2002 147-160 [fs]Siegele70
27. Franklin, Don O.Bach and the Oratorio Tradition. A Keynote Paper read at the Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society 'BACH AND THE ORATORIO TRADITION', May 8-11, 2008, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania [p]ABS_Bethlehem May 2008
28. Franklin, Don O.Problems of Tempo in J. S. Bach's Music. A paper read at the Forty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, November 4-7, 1982 at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. [p]AMS_Michigan Nov 1982
29. Franklin, Don O.Problems of Tempo in the Keyboard Works of J. S. Bach. A paper read at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting of the AMS on March 4, 1984 at West Chester State College. [p]AMS_MidAtlantic Mar 1984
30. Franklin, Don O.Problems of Text and Tempo in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier II: A New Look at the Sources. A paper read at the Forth-Second Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, Meeting Jointly with the College Music Society, November 4-7, 1976 at Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia. [p]AMS_Philadelphia Nov 1976
31. Franklin, Don O.Textual Problems in Bach's W.T.C. A paper given at the Rocky Mountain Chapter meeting of the AMS on April 22-23, 1977. [p]AMS_RockyMountain Apr 1977
32. Franklin, Don O.The Music for Keyboard. A paper read at the South Central Chapter meeting of the AMS on 11-13 April 1985 at the University of Georgia under the session 'Perspectives on Bach Performance Practices'. [p]AMS_SouthCentral Apr 1985
33. Franklin, Don O.Composing in time: towards a new understanding of temporal strusture in J.S. Bach's multi-movement works. A Paper read at Ninth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Trinity College Dublin, 12-16 July 2000. [p]BCB_Dublin Jul 2000
34. Franklin, Don O.Johann Sebastian's Matthew Passion as a model for the Hamburg Matthew Passions of Carl Philipp Emanuel. A Paper read at the 11th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music held at Royal Northern College of Music, 14-18 July 2004 [p]BICB_Manchester Jul 2004
35. Franklin, Don O.Viewing the Goldberg Variations as a musico-mathematical matrix. A paper read at 4. Internationalen Dortmunder Bach-Symposion. 'Bachs Musik für Tasteninstrumente im Kontext der europäischen Musik' 30. Januar bis 2. Februar 2002. [p]BS_Dortmund Jan-Feb 2002
36. Franklin, Don O.The 6/4 Time-signature as Sign and Symbol. 'American Bach Sources and Current Theological Research in Bach': The Annual Meeting of the Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung, September 10-14, 1997, hosted by the Newberry Library, Chicago as part of its exhibit: 'The Music and Mind of Bach.' [p]IATB_Chicago Sep 1997
37. Franklin, Don O.The Role of 'Tacktarten' in Bach's composition of the chorale cantatas. Paper read at Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung e.V. 'Tradition und Erneuerung in Johann Sebastian Bachs Choralbearbeitungen' Die Gestaltung des lutherischen Kirchenliedes in Bachs Choralkantaten und Orgelchorälen. Symposium vom 30. September - 4. Oktober 1999 im Tagungszentrum Løgumkloster/Dänemark. [p]IATB_Logumkloster Oct 1999
38. Franklin, Don O.The relationship between the theological and temporal dimension of the Matthew Passion. Paper read at International Bach Symposium Utrecht 2000, University of Utrecht 12-14 September 2000. [p]IBS_Utrecht Sep 2000
39. Franklin, Don O.Beziehungen zwischen Taktordnung und Kompositionstechnik in Teil I des Wohltemperirten Claviers. Paper read at Internationales Symposium mit Vorträgen, Seminaren und Konzerten zum 70. Geburtstag von Ulrich Siegele in Schloss Köthen (Anhalt) 11.-15. Oktober 2000: 'Johann Sebastian Bach: Das Wohltemperirte Clavier I (Köthen, 1722): Tradition - Entstehung - Funktion - Analyse'. [p]IS_Köthen Oct 2000
40. Franklin, Don O.Vom Recht Sterben, Christlich Leben, und Seelig Sterben: Johann Olearius und Johann Sebastian Bach. Paper read at a conference on 'Die Quellen Johann Sebastian Bachs: Bachs Musik im Gottesdienst' held on 4-8 October 1995 in Stuttgart. [p]QJSB_Stuttgart Oct 1995
41. Franklin, Don O.C.P.E. Bach's St. Matthew Passion 1789 as Parody and Pasticcio. Passion, Affekt und Leidenschaft in der Frühen Neuzeit. 11. Jahrestreffen des Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreises für Barockforschung in der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel vom 2. bis 5. April 2003 [p]WAfB_Wolfenbüttel Apr 2003
42. Franklin, Don O.Proportionen und Dimensionen in der Missa in h. A paper read at the Wissenschaftliche Konferenz 'Bach in Leipzig / Bach und Leipzig' from 27 to 29 January 2000. [p]WK_Leipzig Jan 2000
43. Franklin, Don O.Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's 1789 Matthew Passion as Pasticcio and Parody. WolfenbüttelArbBarockF 43 2005 ii: 655-672

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