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1. Todt, Bernhard (arr.)Cantata for the second Easter Festival: 'Stay With Us, the Evening Approaches.' Luke XXIV. 29. [BG(Kantaten)] 6 1903 22p
2. Todt, Bernhard (arr.)Cantata for the Festival of the Annunciation: 'My soul doth magnify the Lord.' [BG(Kantaten)] 10 [rev] 1903 28p
3. Todt, Bernhard (arr.)Ah, God, in Mercy Look from Heaven ... [BG(Kantaten)] 2 [rev] 1904 24p
4. Naumann, Ernst (arr.)Cantata for the Festival of the Ascension: 'Praise Jehovah in His Splendour.' [BG(Kantaten)] 11 [rev] 1904 36p
5. Todt, Bernhard (ed.)Kantate No. 34a (am Pfingstfeste): 'O ewiges Feuer. o Ursprung der Liebe.' [BG(Kantaten)] 34 [rev] 1906
6. First chorus from 'Auf, schmetternde Töne' ['Rejoice and Give Welcome']. [BG(Kantaten)] 207 1910 11p
7. Birthday Cantata (The Chase) composed for the birthday of Herzog Christian zu Sachsen Weissenfels... [BG(Kantaten)] 208 1910 53p
8. Todt, Bernhard (arr.)'Ye Mortals Extol the Love of the Father' ... [BG(Kantaten)] 167 [rev] 1911 22p
9. 'Sleepers Wake, Loud Sounds the Warning' ... 'Lève-toi, prête l'oreille' ... [BG(Kantaten)] 140 1912 50p
10. Bernstein, Walter Heinz (arr.)Allein zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ: Kantate zum 13. Sonntag nach Trinitatis ; BWV 33 ... / Johann Sebastian Bach. [BG(Kantaten)] 33 1965 30p

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