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1. Hill, RobertStyle and Authenticity in Two Early Suites Attributed to J. S. Bach, BWV 832 and 833. [p]AMS_Philadelphia Oct 1984
2. Hill, RobertBach, Händel und Scarlatti in den Augen ihrer Zeitgenossen. BachWoche_Ansbach 1985 31-44
3. Hill, Robert'Der Himmel weiss, wo diese Sachen hingekommen sind': Reconstructing the Lost Keyboard Notebooks of the Young Bach and Handel. [ce]BHSTercentenaryEssays 1985 161-172
4. Hill, Robert'Echtheit angezweifelt'. Style and authenticity in two suites attributed to Bach. EarlyM 13 2 May 1985 248-255
5. Hill, RobertDie Herkunft von Bachs 'Thema Legrenzianum'. BachJb 72 1986 105-107
6. Hill, Robert StephenThe Möller Manuscript and the Andreas Bach Book: Two Keyboard Anthologies from the Circle of the Young Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1987 xvii, 754 Bl
7. Hill, RobertTablature versus Staff Notation: Or, Why Did the Young J. S. Bach Compose in Tablature? [ce]ChurchStageStudio 1990 349-359
8. Hill, Robert (ed.)Keyboard Music from the Andreas Bach Book and the Möller Manuscript. HarvardPubM 16 1991 xlvii, 210p
9. Hill, RobertIn Stile Fantastico. Bachfest 68 [Bremen] 1993 83, 91-92
10. Hill, RobertJohann Sebastian Bach's Toccata in G Major BWV 916/1: A Reception of Giuseppe Torelli's Ritornello Concerto Form. [cr]Rostock1990 1995 162-175
11. Hill, RobertNidan Kenban no Tankyu: 'Goldberg Hensokyoku' no Haikei. BachZenshu 12 Jul 1998 50-63
12. Hill, RobertVors Clavicimbal mit 2 Manualen': J. S. Bach en vogue? [p]ABS_Yale Apr 1998
13. Hill, Robert'Vors Clavicimbal mit 2 Manualen': J. S. Bach en vogue? [p]BS_Dortmund Jan 1998
14. Hill, RobertSpohr in Berlin -- Musikgeschichte als Geschichte der Aufführungspraxis. JbStaatInstMf 2000 2000 46-56
15. Hill, RobertStrenge versus Freiheit, Notation versus Spielpraxis in der deutschen Tastenmusik um 1700. [p]ISK_Luebeck Apr 2000
16. Hill, RobertThe role of variation in the architecture of the early organ fugues of J.S. Bach. VeröffGOrgelfreunde 173 2000 23-32
17. Hill, Robert'Streng, versus, Frei'. Ein Beitrag zur Analyse der frühen Tastenfugen von Johann Sebastian Bach. [cr]Lübeck2000 2002 176-184
18. Hill, Robert'Indessen führet er das Hauptthema galant ein': Handel's Keyboard Fugues and their 18th-century Audience. GöttingerHändelBeitr 9 2002 73-85
19. Hill, RobertCarl Reinecke's Performance of Mozart's Larghetto and the Nineteenth-Century Practice of Quantitative Accentuation. [ce]AboutBach 2008 171-180

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