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1. Schulze, Hans-Joachim; Wolff, Christoph: Bach Compendium. Analytisch-bibliographisches Repertorium der Werke Johann Sebastian Bachs. (BC). Band I. Teil 1. Vokalwerke I. BC 1/1 (1985), 426p
Frankfurt; Leipzig: Edition Peters, 1985, 426p.
MusikratDDRBul xxii/1 (1985) 44-46 (Ingeborg Allihn)
MTimes cxxviii/1735 (Sep 1987) 495 (John Butt)
MGesellschaft xxxvii (1987) 550-551 (Ingeborg Allihn)
OrganYb xviii (1987) 122 (Peter Williams)
Musica xli/6 (1987) 554-556 (Alfred Dürr)
Mf xli/1 (1988) 175-176 (Lothar Hoffmann-Erbrecht)
MLetters lxix/2 (Apr 1988) 254-255 (Stephen Daw)
EarlyM xvii/1 (1989) 79-88 (Joshua Rifkin)
Notes xlvii/2 (Dec 1990) 361-368 (John Butt)
OMzs xlv/12 (1990) 740-741 (Andrea Lindmayr)
BachJb lxxvii (1991) 207-214 (Robert L. Marshall)
Brio xxviii/2 (1991) 92-95 (Clifford Bartlett)
LitMFineArts xxiv/1-2 (1991) 90-91 (Ulrich Konrad)
Musica xlvi/1 (1992) 47-48 (Georg von Dadelsen)
Mf xlvii/4 (1994) 317-318 (Reinmar Emans)
AmerBachSocNL (Fall 1997) 5-7 (Robert Marshall)

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