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1. Wolff, Christoph: Bach. Essays on His Life and Music. [ce]Wolff (1991), 461p
Cambridge, Mass.; London: Harvard Univ. Press, 1991. 461p. ISBN: 0-674-05925-5 (hardback) -- paperback edn. 1993. ISBN: 0-674-05926-3.
AmericanSoc18cM (1991) (Tim A. Smith)
AmerMTeacher xlii/1 (1992) 40 (Jack Guerry)
Diapason lxxxiii (1992) 7-8 (James B. Hartmann)
MLetters lxxiii/3 (Aug 1992) 446-447 (Malcolm Boyd)
Ongakugeijutsu xxxviii (May 1992) 62-65 (Ryuichi Higuchi)
ChoralJ xxxiv/2 (1993) 52-54 (Jeffrey B. Baxter)
OrganYb xxiii (1992-93) 224-226 (Peter Williams)
Notes xlix/2 (Dec 1992) 508-510 (Alfred Dürr)
Fanfare xvii/4 (1994) 473-475 (Bernard D. Sherman)
BachPerspectives i (1995) 183-204 (Stephen A. Crist)
2. Hill, Robert (ed.): Keyboard Music from the Andreas Bach Book and the Möller Manuscript. HarvardPubM 16 (1991), xlvii, 210p
Foreword by Christoph Wolff. Cambridge MA: Department of Music, Harvard University, 1991. xlvii, 210p. (= Harvard publications in Music, 16)
Notes l/2 (Dec 1993) 736-738 (Paul Walker)
OrganYb xxiv (1994) 137-139 (Peter Williams)
BachPerspectives 1 (1995) 205-214 (David Schulenberg)

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