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1. Van Wyk, Theodore Justin:   A comparative study of registration practices in selected organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) based on recordings made by Marie-Claire Alain and Jacques van Oortmerssen. diss. (2000)
2. Brandt, T.:   Johann Christoph Oley: Erschließung biographischer Dokumente aus dem Archiv der Reformierten Gemeinde in Aschersleben. diss. (2000)
3. Geuting, Matthias:   Studien zu den schnellen Sonaten- und Konzertsätzen von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2000)
4. Stammen, Dale R.:   Timewarp: A computer model of real-time segmentation and recognition of melodic fragments. diss. (2000), 137p
5. Gavalchin, John Emil:   Temporality in music: A conceptual model based on the phenomenology of Paul Ricoeur. diss. (2000), 169p
6. Duff, Robert Paul David:   The baroque oratorio Passion: A conductor's guide to compositional techniques and their foundations. diss. (2000), 176p
7. Berdennikova, Ekaterina Mihajlovna:   Gomiletièeskie tradicii duhovnyh kantat I.S. Baha. diss. (2000), 212p Latin 2
8. Jammermann, Marco:   Noema: Der musikalische Gedanke in J.S. Bachs Wohltemperierten Klavier. diss. (2000), 217p
9. Bockova, Tat'jana:   Nemeckaja organnaja muzyka XIX veka i tradicija romanticeskogo bahianstva. diss. (2000), 21p
10. Ko, Ching-Tzy:   Dynamic Markings in Bach Cello Suites. diss. (2000), 226p
11. Wyatt, Henry Drew:   Aspects of Sublime Rhetoric in Eighteenth-Century Music. diss. (2000), 249p
12. Shabalina, Tat'jana:   Tvorcestvo I.S. Baha: Tekstologiceskoe issledovanie na materiale instrumental'nyh socinenij. diss. (2000), 251p
13. Halbscheffel, Bernward:   Rockmusik und klassisch-romantische Bildungstradition. diss. (2000), 437p
14. Noyer, Jérémie:   L'utopie liturgique: la 'Missa en si mineur' de Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2000), 520p
15. Bittmann, Antonius:   Negotiating Past and Present: Max Reger and Fin-de-siècle Modernisms. diss. (2000), 620p
16. Shabalina, Tat'jana:   Tvorchestvo I. S. Bakha: Tekstologhicheskoye issledovaniye. diss. (2000), 687p
17. Marchand, Guy:   Bach et le nombre d'or ou la 'Passion selon Jean-Sébastien'. diss. (2000), 795p
18. Jurgensmeier, Charles Lee:   The Magnificat in D Major, BWV 243 by Johann Sebastian Bach: A study in performance and analysis. diss. (2000), 81p
19. Oehm-Kuehnle, Christoph Friedrich [Öhm-Kühnle]:   Musical Rhetoric in J. S. Bach's Two-Part Inventions and Implications for Their Performance on the Modern Piano. diss. (2000), 88p
20. Hoffman, William:   Narrative Parody in Bach's St.Mark Passion. diss. (2000), 94p
21. Montgomery, James L.:   Application of Baroque organ articulation concepts to a wind-band transcription of J. S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565. diss. (2000), 96p
22. Kato, Takumi:   Reinhard Keiser Maruko Junankyoku no Shiryo Kenkyu to Juyo Kenkyu. diss. (2000), 96p
23. Cseszko, Ferenc Patrick:   A Comparative Study of Joseph Szigeti's 1931, Arthur Grumiaux's 1960, and Sergiu Luca's 1983 Recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach's Sonata #1 in G Minor for Solo Violin. diss. (2000), ii, 81p
24. Park, Sohyoung:   J. S. Bach's Partita in E minor, BWV 830: Motivic Analysis and Its Influence on Interpretation. diss. (2000), iv, 70p
25. Speerstra, Joel:   Bach, the pedal clavichord, and the organist. diss. (2000), ix, 241p
26. Espinosa, Damian:   C.P.E. Bach's fantasias: the rhetorical argument. diss. (2000), vii, 148p
27. Abravaya, Ido:   Studies of Rhythm and Tempo in the Music of J. S. Bach. diss. (2000), xv, 318p
28. Kramer, Mattheus:   Zahlenfiguren im Werk Johann Sebastian Bachs. diss. (2000), xxii, 215p
29. Junod, Philippe:   'Intégrer les couleurs dans un système, comme les notes': Bach vu par les peintres. Dissonanz [French/63 (Feb 2000), 18-25
30. Junod, Philippe:   'Die Farben in ein System bringen wie die Noten': Bach aus der Sicht von Malern. Dissonanz [German/63 (Feb 2000), 18-25
31. Shabalina, Tat'jana:   Tvorchestvo I. S. Bakha: Tekstologhicheskoye issledovaniye. diss.(summary) (2000), 48p

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