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1. Huron, David:   Voice segregation in selected polyphonic keyboard works by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1989)
2. Skarina, Elena:   Svobodnye formy barokko v instrumental'noj muzyke I.S. Baha: K metodologii istoriko-stilevogo analiza svobodnyh kompozicij. diss. (1989), 23p
3. Sabourin, Carmen:   A Schenkerian study of J.S. Bach's two-part inventions presented in their original ordering. diss. (1989), 244p
4. Chay, Il-Soo:   A stylistic and interpretive analysis of selected keyboard works of C.P.E. Bach. diss. (1989), 248p
5. Clement, Albert:   'O Jesu, du edle Gabe'. Studien zum Verhältnis von Text und Musik in den Choralpartiten und den Kanonischen Veränderungen von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1989), 282p
6. Schaffer, Mark Andrew:   The use of variation principle in the works of Max Reger. diss. (1989), 294p
7. Fuchs, Torsten:   Studien zur Musikpflege in der Stadt Weissenfels und am Hofe der Herzoge von Sachsen-Weissenfels: Ein Beitrag zur mitteldeutschen Musikgeschichte des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. diss. (1989), 400p
8. Kruger, Daleen:   The Organ Music of the Galant Period With Special Reference to the Compositions of the Bach Pupils. diss. (1989), 416p
9. Cowdery, William Warren:   The early vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Studies in style, scoring, and chronology. diss. (1989), ii, 319p
10. Melamed, Daniel Richard:   J. S. Bach and the German motet. diss. (1989), x, 333 Bl
11. Rapson, Penelope:   A Technique for Identifying Textual Errors and its Application to the Sources of Music by Thomas Tallis. diss. (1989), x, 368; vi, 219p
12. Giuffrida, Antonio:   Passio secundum Marcum di J.S. Bach. diss. (1989-90), 139p

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