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1. Rovenko, Aleksander Ivanovič:   Strettnaja imitacija: Teoretičeskije, stilevyje i metodičeskije osnovy polifonii J. S. Bacha. diss. (1975), 114p Latin 2
2. Rabin, Judy Ellen:   An annotated chronological bibliography of literature and editions of 'Das Wohltemperierte Clavier'. diss. (1975), 144p
3. Murray, Robert P.:   Evolution of Interpretation as Reflected in Successive Editions of J. S. Bach's 'Chaconne'. diss. (1975), 225p
4. Oefner, Claus:   Das Musikleben in Eisenach 1650-1750. diss. (1975), 250p
5. Petrash, David Lloyd:   Felix Mendelssohn as organ composer: Unpublished and little-known works, a lecture recital, together with 3 recitals of selected works of S. Adler, J. Alain, J. S. Bach, W. Bolcom, J. Cabanilles, A. de Cabezon, J. Charpentier, H. Distler, J. Froberger, S. A. de Heredia, M. Kluge, G. Ligeti, G. Litaize, O. Messiaen, J. Oxinagas, M. Reger, and A. Wyton. diss. (1975), 37p
6. Hoke, Hans Gunter:   Neue Studien zur Kunst der Fuge BWV 1080. Zusammenfassendes Gesamtexposé meiner Veröffentlichungen. diss. (1975), 42, 10, 2p
7. Sharp, Nan Ellen Orthmann:   The Use of Flutes and Recorders in the Church Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1975), 442p
8. Okuda, Yuko:   J.C. Bach no Piano Kyosokyoku op. 7 no. 1-3 no Gakufu Kotei. diss. (1975), 49p
9. Claypool, Richard David:   J. S. Bach's Sonatas for Melody Instrument and Cembalo Concertato: An Evaluation of All Related Manuscript Sources. diss. (1975), 545p
10. Holliman, Jamesetta H.:   A Stylistic Study of Max Reger's Solo Piano Variations and Fugues on Themes by Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann. diss. (1975), 97p
11. Schneider-Cuvay, Michaela:   Die Instrumentalwerke Johann Ernst Eberlins. diss. (1975), iv, 370p
12. Gant, Robert Edward:   The organ works of Anton Heiller. diss. (1975), v, 185p
13. Berg, Darrell M.:   The Keyboard Sonatas of C. P. E. Bach: An Expression of the Mannerist Principle. diss. (1975), vi, 396p
14. Lewis, Horace Monroe:   The Problem of the tromba da tirarsi in the Works of J. S. Bach. diss. (1975), xiii, 147p

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